CBD & Mushrooms Together: Interview With Dr. Basem Fares

One of our leading scientists, Dr Basem Fares summarized what it means to combine CBD and functional mushrooms together according to the latest knowledge in preventative care.

The Hype Behind CBD And Mushrooms

Cannabotech’s ground-breaking approach is new to the health and wellness industry with the combination of traditional/functional mushrooms and pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil blended together. We have seen a hype around CBD in the past 2 or more years. It is not surprising as it is a very strong anti-inflammatory cannabinoid and its benefits have been proven in various scientific research. In addition,  Cannabis derivatives like CBD or hemp seeds have a long history of use in the East as well and are used not only in traditional medicine but also hold high nutritional values.

As regards mushrooms, they are a very common method of treatment used in the Eastern part of the world, but they’re still not that common in the Western countries. Our repertoire of mushrooms used in the products are not psychedelic, so there aren’t any psychological effects to worry about and nevertheless, they are legal too. Research and science are getting acquainted in the west about these ingredients and commercial companies are becoming hugely interested in using them in their products. 

To the question why they are becoming so popular in the Western society Dr Fares added that there are a lot of reasons for that. The whole concept of wellbeing is highly affected by our food consumption and food supplements, such as minerals, vitamins or natural supplements, which have been proven to support our health.Scientific articles started emerging from the early 70s and they were mainly published by Japan, Korea, Taiwan & China, basically in the countries where mushrooms were used for thousands of years. New and upcoming research and highly renowned scientific articles indicate that mushrooms hold strong biological effects. 


Western Medicine Started To Look To The East

Slightly before the 70s and onward, they started treating cancer with chemotherapy which was very promising for such a fatal disease. Through time, the chemotherapy treatment started to show multiple undesired and intolerable side effects. This led the medical world to use conventional medicine to treat these side effects.  However, this potentially contained its own issues. These medicines also held some of their own side effects. Therefore, some patients started to turn to alternative medicine like traditional chinese medicine to treat the side effects as well as other concerns. Nowadays in Western medicine, you can see that combined multiple therapies are being used, including alternative & complementary medicine. The combination therapies are becoming more popular as the Eastern countries have already shown that conventional therapies combined with some medicinal mushrooms could have synergistic effects and bring far better outcomes for patients.

The Benefits of Combining Medicinal Mushrooms And CBD Oil

This led and confirmed Cannabotech’s scientists and professors to combine the two powerhouses of ingredients in our M2CBD formula.

Cannabinoids and other compounds are naturally produced by the body, and they interact with the human endocannabinoid system. This is a biological system in our bodies, which is responsible for various essential biological processes from the immune system, nervous system, digestive system, metabolic processes etc., etc.

Mushrooms on the other hand, have been proven to affect these systems as well, through multiple biological mechanisms. Some of which differ from the endocannabinoid system that is affected by cannabinoids. So, when you combine CBD and mushrooms, they can have a synergistic effect. This practice of synergy blends between compounds is well known in both the natural health world and the scientific community.

The perfect example is Turkey Tail mushroom, which has been long used in the East as an approved adjunct therapy along with traditional chemotherapy, and this combination brings better outcomes for the patients. Our research have led us to identify the exact active compounds found in turkey tail precisely, which allows us to provide more beneficial extracts, which could potentially minimize the doses of conventional treatments and minimize unwanted side effects. This is just one of the topics we have been researching at Cannabotech. In addition, combining conventional treatment with integrative medicine, including preventive formulas, can promote the overall well-being of a patient. Mushrooms like Ganoderma lucidum for example (commonly known as Reishi) shows promising evidence due to its ability to support a healthy immune response. This can help deter bacteria and other foreign invaders so people can fight off illness or recover faster.

*Please note that you need to consult with your doctor before taking any supplementation.


The Future is Integrative: A Synergy Blend for Preventive Care

Dr Fares anticipates that CBD and mushrooms are becoming part of our normal health care approach in the future, especially where medical treatment is expensive, inconvenient, or simply undesirable.

There is a body of scientific evidence that backs the benefits of CBD and mushrooms, hence why preventative medicine, health and wellbeing has skyrocketed in the past year. More research is under way to ensure efficacy and safety of these ingredients.

Cannabotech is not compromising on safety. We carefully selected specific mushroom combinations based on decades of scientific research literature, indicating the benefits and side effects of medicinal mushroom compounds and extracts — as well as CBD. Furthermore, we have been working with one of the world’s leading mycologists; Prof. Solomon Wasser at Haifa university, and have been consulting with other experts, as well as conducting our own research so we can avoid any safety issues. We believe this concept will change the face of preventive care.

Many of us are already familiar with CBD and how it interacts with the endocannabinoid system, the cellular system in our body that helps us stay in balance. When you add mushrooms to CBD, you supercharge the formula with a synergistic effect that can have ample benefits for a wellness routine, especially for preventive care.

For instance, mushrooms are used to eliminate risk factors due to their copious amounts of antioxidants, beta-glucan polysaccharides, Vitamin D, etc. By consuming these nutrient-rich mushrooms, evidence suggests that it can lower your risk for many health issues including heart disease, high blood pressure, high glucose levels in the blood, just to name a few.

To make a stronger formula with a stronger body of evidence, our team also included important vitamins and minerals in the formulas like vitamin C, choline, thiamine, etc. We believe these formulas offer more, well-rounded benefits.

Bio: Basem Fares, PhD

Dr Fares holds a Ph.D. in Oncology & Cancer Biology by the Faculty of Medicine, Technion Institute of Technology Haifa, Israel. Dr Fares also holds a B.Sc & M.Sc. In Endocrinology & Cancer Biology by the faculty of human biology at Haifa University, Israel. And he is the R&D director and cofounder of Cannabotech. After researching and developing unique medicinal mushroom formulas he is leading the development of an FDA approved botanical drug for the treatment of cancer in the near future.   

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. This article and our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; or replace a healthy lifestyle and diet. Speak to your family physician or treating physician if you have any serious concerns about your health before starting a new health and wellness routine.


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