Can I take CBD together with Xanax?

I've been on Xanax for a while now and want to know if I could also start incorporating CBD into my life. Are there potential drug-drug interactions between CBD and Xanax and how long should I wait in between doses?

Joel Taylor (Thursday, August 05, 2021):

It's definitely not advised to take CBD oil together with Xanax or any other benzodiazepines. There are interactions between CBD and Xanax as CBD inhibits the enzyme in the liver that metabolises benzodiazepines (and many other drugs for that matter), and so could result in a greater amount of Xanax present in your bloodstream and therefore more side effects, such as: Drowsiness Dizziness Loss of coordination Slurred speech And others.

Avik Das (Thursday, August 05, 2021):

No, it is not a good idea to take CBD with Xanax. It is recommended not to take Xanax with anything that can cause dizziness. Even though it is rare to have drowsiness due to CBD, it is still best to avoid it. Mixing them together might cause adverse side effects of Xanax such as sleeping issues, dizziness, tiredness, and many more.

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