How many cannabis plants can you grow in the UK in 2021 for personal use?

I want to know how many cannabis plants I can legally grow for personal use in the UK in 2021.

Joel Taylor (Saturday, July 10, 2021):

Unfortunately, many people are misunderstanding the laws around growing hemp plants in the UK as allowing them to grow cannabis plants containing THC. Hemp plants with no THC are grown to produce fibrous hemp and CBD products, which are legal to grow so long as you have the relevant license. And so, as to how many cannabis plants you can legally grow for personal use in the UK in 2021, the answer stands at zero. Perhaps the laws will be adjusted in the future, but this is how they are now.

Avik Das (Saturday, July 10, 2021):

The answer is zero. Sadly, under the current UK law, you cant grow any cannabis plant for your personal use. You are only allowed to do it for commercial purposes. You must acquire the license from the home office. Moreover, there are punishments of years in jail to big a fine.

Shaun Roberts (Friday, December 17, 2021): aansweraansweransweraansweraansweranswa Isn't it funny, you can grow as many opium poppies as you please and not face any legal action, but grow just one cannabis or even a non psychoactive hemp plant, and boom, handcuffs!handchandcuffsIsnhandchann

Shaun Roberts (Friday, December 17, 2021):

I'd really appreciate it if my previous reply was deleted. The extraneous data around my reply wasn't my doing - it would appear to be a problem with the website on mobile devices. My reply should simply read as follows. Isn't it funny, you can legally grow as many opium poppies as you please, but grow just one non-psychoactive hemp plant, and boom - handcuffs! What absolute madness! UK drug law is an absolute shambles.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking CBD Oil?

There are many benefits of taking CBD oil. Although it isn't legal to grow any cannabis plants for personal use, it is legal to buy CBD oil as part of a tincture or a supplement.

The CBD oil is believed to interact with your Endocannabinoid system (the system that helps regulate all physiological responses such as our mood, memory, stress, metabolism, appetite, immune function and more. The Endocannabinoid system contains cannabinoids, which are also produced by CBD oil. 

When ingested, the CBD oil interacts with our Endocannabinoid system to help regulate all these physiological responses. You can use CBD oil to help you relax, improve your sleeping pattern, unwind, and even to boost your immune system.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil In The UK?

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