Will taking Lion's Mane before sleep affect my dreams?

I've been getting extremely vivid dreams since starting Lion's Mane, is this normal? I know that people take Lion's Mane at night for sleep but I didn't know that this was why.

 Joel Taylor (Monday, July 05, 2021):

One of the reasons you might be experiencing more vivid dreams after taking Lion's Mane mushrooms at night is due to the belief in its effect on REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. During REM sleep, your brain activity is close to being the same as it is while you're awake and is therefore understood as the stage of sleep when you dream. There is some scientific evidence to suggest that taking Lion's Mane mushrooms before bed could improve the quality of REM sleep, which stimulates the areas of your brain responsible for learning and retaining memories, making your dreams seem more vivid as a result.

Avik Das (Tuesday, August 24, 2021):

If you are getting vivid and interesting dreams after taking Lion's mane mushroom, then it means you are getting quality sleep each night. One of the primary benefits of taking Lion's mane is the improvement in sleep quality. Many people experience such dreams, and it is perfectly normal to see such dreams.

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