Which Strains Are Better for Anxiety: Sativa or Indica?

Which Strains Are Better for Anxiety: Sativa or Indica?

Sativa strain is known to provide us with a burst of energy, while Indica is thought to have sedative properties. So, the question that most people ask is which strain is better for anxiety - Sativa or Indica?

What is the relationship between cannabis and anxiety?

Once thought to have harmful psychoactive effects, cannabis has now become a household name in the UK, Canada, and the US due to its therapeutic effects, as some studies show that it may help with anxiety.

However, it is important to understand that not all cannabis has a positive relationship with anxiety. Some forms of medical cannabis may worsen the symptoms.


Indica strains are known to have a sedative effect on the body. As such, it may make you feel sluggish or lazy. Since it has a relaxing effect, it is usually recommended for use at night.

Indica has many presumed medical benefits, with reports suggesting that it may help with inflammation, chronic pain, nausea, sleep disorders, among others. In fact, many people are using Indica strains to treat mental issues like anxiety, stress, depression, seizures, and ADHD.


Sativa strains are known to give users an energetic feeling. Since Sativa strains may help maintain focus and concentration, it is recommended to be taken during the day. This strain is popular with athletes as it helps boost motivation.

Some studies suggest that Sativa may offer anxiety relief, stimulate appetite, and help with depression. Some people with social anxiety, chronic depression, ADD, and ADHD claim that Sativa helped improve their conditions.

Sativa vs. Indica: CBD to THC ratio

As you’ve seen above, Sativa may help your mind become more active while Indica may provide a calm and serene effect. Depending on your anxiety, increased brain activity may worsen it.

That being the case, the difference between the two has little to do with the actual type but more to do with the CBD to THC ratio. While CBD may help improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, THC has psychoactive properties that may make your anxiety worse.

Since Sativa has more THC and a lower CBD to THC ratio, it is thought that Indica is a better strain for anxiety. Again, this depends on the level of anxiety you have.
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