Can CBD Oil Affect Your Chances of Conceiving? - Cannabotech CBD Questions & Answers

Can CBD Oil Affect Your Chances of Conceiving?

Taking CBD oil while trying to conceive is not uncommon, but it might not be a great idea for the safety of your baby to stick with isolated CBD.

By Avik Das
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published April 27, 2021.

CBD oil is known to show numerous good effects on the body, which is why many people are opting for it every year. CBD is proven to be safe without any major side effects. As it is extracted from cannabis plants, the question may arise whether it is safe to regularly consume when trying to conceive.

CBD Oil's Effects on the Foetus

While there is no complete research or proven data to show the effects of CBD when someone is pregnant, there is certain research about its effect on conception: Consuming CBD oil while attempting to conceive, especially in high doses, could have detrimental effects on the foetus.

If a mother takes CBD oil during pregnancy, her fetus might become prone to many life-threatening or long-term problems such as asthma, low birth weight, jaundice, respiratory issue, low levels of iron, bad brain development, and many more.

Can You Use CBD Oil While Trying to Conceive?

While trying to conceive, many pregnant women take CBD oil to deal with stress, anxiety, and sleep problems. Hence, if you would still like to take CBD oil during pregnancy, then it is advisable to opt for oil without THC, which could be potentially inimical for a fetus. Also, pick CBD oil with a very light dose to be on the safe side.