How Long Is CBD Oil Good For Once Opened? - Cannabotech CBD Questions & Answers

How Long Is CBD Oil Good For Once Opened?

As with any other product, CBD oil expires. However, it can last up to two years depending on a number of factors like its quality, the packaging, and storage method.

By Samuel Njoroge
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published May 18, 2021.

As you may know, every natural product has a shelf life, and CBD oil is no exception. It is known to have a shelf life of between one year and two years. The following piece discusses what you need to know about CBD shelf life, the factors affecting it, and how to maintain the potency of your product.

Factors affecting CBD shelf life

Ingredients - each ingredient contained in a CBD oil has a shelf life of its own. This might affect the overall longevity of the product. Go through the certificate of analysis to understand how each product might affect the lasting power of your CBD oil.


In most cases, a higher quality product may tend to last longer. This is primarily due to growing conditions, hemp plants used, and the quality of terpenes and additives used.

Extraction process

The process used to extract CBD will determine its shelf life. Using CO2 to extract CBD is the best method. It maximizes the levels of CBD and other cannabinoids extracted. CO2 may also have the ability to stabilise the compounds obtained.


Packaging is an important aspect when it comes to shelf life. A good bottle should protect the CBD oil from light, temperature, and pressure (they are known to affect the longevity of CBD oil).


Studies have suggested that light and heat can increase the rate of CBD degradation, and that's why proper storage is crucial to maintain its potency and freshness.

Ways to Improve the shelf life of your CBD oil

  • Store your product away from direct sunlight and heat
  • Ensure you keep your product in the original airtight packaging
  • Reseal the bottle after use. Oxidation is a factor that might affect the shelf life
  • Make a habit of storing your product in an upright position rather than horizontally
  • Use a clean spoon or dropper every time to avoid introducing harmful bacteria

Signs that your oil has gone bad

Although brands are supposed to put labels indicating the expiry date, there are several signs of degradation you should look out for, and they include:

  • It smells funky - the smell of a fresh CBD oil should be earthy
  • It's thick and murky - if your CBD oil has been sitting in a cold room, a cloudy appearance may form, but if you expose it to room temperature, the oil should return to its natural viscosity and color. If it doesn't, that might be an indication that the CBD has degraded.

Can bad CBD oil make you sick?

Unlike other oils, CBD doesn't turn rancid, so you may not fall ill if you consume a small amount of the product past its shelf life. But it's recommendable you throw any improperly stored bottle in your medicine cabinet.