How Much CBD Oil Does a Dropper Hold? - Cannabotech CBD Questions & Answers

How Much CBD Oil Does a Dropper Hold?

A standard CBD dropper holds 1ml, which is 20 drops, so each drop holds 0.05ml. Not all droppers are standard, so first, work out how many drops are in your dropper.

By Petal Mashraki
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published May 12, 2021.

Generally, a standard dropper holds 1ml of CBD oil which is 20 drops. However, there are different-sized droppers. If you don't know how big your CBD dropper is, you can fill it up with regular cooking oil and count how many drops you can get out. Then you will have a more accurate calculation of how many drops your dropper holds.

Most suppliers say that a dropper holds 200 drops per 10ml, making it 0.05ml per drop. So if you know how many drops your dropper holds, you can multiply that by 0.05ml, and you find the total milliliter amount in the dropper.

I'd guess that what you really want to know is how much CBD you're getting in every drop. If you know your dropper holds 1ml (20 drops), then use this easy formula to calculate how much CBD is in each drop:

( total CBD in bottle) divided by (milliliters of liquid in the bottle) = mg of CBD in the dropper(because a dropper holds 1ml). Divide that by the 20 drops held in the 1ml dropper, and you'll know how much CBD is in each drop. This will make accurate dosage easier.