Do Antihistamines Interact With CBD? - Cannabotech CBD Questions & Answers

Do Antihistamines Interact With CBD?

Taking CBD with antihistamines may have possible side effects. This post tells you a bit more about drug interactions and whether it may be safe to consider using them together.

By Samuel Njoroge
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Updated April 7, 2023.

Although some researchers have suggested that CBD may help manage a couple of health issues, it may not always be safe to use in conjunction with prescription drugs. CBD, a non-psychoactive compound in a cannabis plant, may have the potential to interact with other medications.

Here we look at whether CBD can interact with antihistamines.

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Antihistamines and CBD

Although some studies indicate that CBD is well-tolerated in our bodies, it can pose some risks when taken with other medication, especially those that act on the cytochrome P-450 enzyme system (responsible for the metabolism of common medications and detoxification of foreign chemicals).

Some natural compounds like CBD oil may inhibit the P-450 system. As a result, medications may take longer to be metabolized, making levels of drug substrates accumulate in the blood. Since antihistamines use the P-450 system, CBD oil may slow down your body’s ability to break them down, increasing the chances of experiencing side effects from the drug.

I recommend speaking to your doctor before taking CBD with antihistamines.

Does the Form of CBD Matter?

Yes, it does. It would be best if you understand that each form of CBD has a specific absorption rate.

The faster the bioavailability, the high chances you may experience increased side effects. For instance, if you consume CBD through inhalation, the compound may reach your bloodstream within 30 minutes, increasing the risk of acute side effects.

Final Note

Before you use CBD with antihistamine, it is always best to visit your physician to learn about the dosage, possible drug interactions, and its effects.