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Can I Use CBD Oil for Anxiety?

By Sofia Thai
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published April 27, 2021.

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CBD oil has become a popular way of treating a number of medical ailments. Among the many conditions that individuals believe can be treated with CBD, anxiety is one of the most prominent. In this article, we will examine whether or not you can use CBD oil to treat anxiety.

Chronic Issues

CBD oil is often linked with being an anxiety treatment and is frequently cited as being an ideal way of easing chronic health conditions.

As such, CBD oil is often believed to be a lighter way of treating anxiety than traditional prescription drugs. These can often have massive and undesirable side effects, which can then impact the patient's overall quality of life. This is where CBD's popularity comes from, for scientific evidence suggests that it could have the same beneficial properties as anxiolytics with none of the potential side effects.

There is some support for this position. There have been a small number of studies, including some recently published, that demonstrate that in certain experimental conditions, CBD usage exhibits a decrease in anxiety in predisposed patients.

User Reports

It isn't easy to cite a huge amount of scientific research as this can be a highly politicised field. However, the anecdotal evidence provided by users of the substance does indicate many positive results when using CBD to combat anxiety.

Many medical professionals have backed this position. Dr. Esther Blessing commented, on a public radio program, that there is excellent evidence to support the idea that CBD oil can treat anxiety and addiction. The physician also bemoaned the lack of clinical trials in assessing this critical health outcome.

With all this in mind, it does seem that CBD oil can be an effective method of treating anxiety, despite the small gap in the medical literature.