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Is It Recommended to Use CBD Oil, Cream, Or Salve for Arthritis?

By Sofia Thai
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Updated February 3, 2023.

Is It Recommended to Use CBD Oil, Cream, Or Salve for Arthritis? main image

The popularity of CBD oil has meant that there are various methods available to utilize the substance. CBD oil has been used as a treatment for arthritis, so this article will assess whether you should use CBD oil, cream, or salve for this ailment.

It should be noted that scientific evidence suggests that CBD may relieve pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. The substance should therefore be effective, regardless of the form in which you use it.

Popular Method

CBD oil is by far the most popular way of utilizing the substance and is the first port of call for most people. It is certainly the most widely available form of CBD as well, and this means that it will be an excellent choice for most people looking to treat arthritis.

However, creams associated with CBD are also becoming popular, and there are advantages associated with these for those treating arthritis. The major benefit of a CBD cream is that it can be applied directly to a particularly troublesome area; a significant advantage when dealing with arthritis.

Salve is another application option for CBD treatment, although one that is significantly less common. This definitely bears consideration but could be much harder to get hold of than the other two options in this field.

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Which Should You Choose?

Tinctures are probably the most popular method of consuming CBD due to their discretion and the ease of ingesting. Holding a few drops under your tongue (at your recommended dose) for 30 seconds in a method called sublingual application will allow the CBD to be absorbed into your bloodstream through the surrounding tissue. The benefit of this method is that you might experience a generalised decrease in inflammation throughout your body for prolonged periods of time, without having to wait too long before you notice any positive effects.

Topical application involves rubbing a CBD-containing cream or balm onto the affected area and letting it absorb through the skin. Although this method has the lowest bioavailability, it has the advantage of focusing the benefits onto a localised area. Combining topicals with tinctures could give you the most benefit.

Guiding Principle

As a general rule, CBD oil can be used effectively due to the wide variety of concentrations available. This is a major advantage of CBD oil over other forms as its dosages can be more readily controlled due to the vast amount of products on the market.

However, CBD cream may also be a particularly effective and targeted way of treating arthritis, a topical method that has been shown to be effective in studies and research. The good news for arthritis sufferers is that there are several CBD options available that could all be potentially effective.