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How does CBD compare to prescription shop medication?

Asked 3 years ago

How does CBD for anxiety and headaches compare to prescription medication from a shop? Is there a significant difference? Why does the CBD community change from the prescription to chancing CBD oil products?

Osasere Okunloye

Sunday, April 18, 2021

There are three main differences between prescription drugs and CBD products. The first is that CBD products are considered to be safer, with fewer side effects. The second is that CBD is generally not addictive, while the third is that CBD products are natural products.

The first advantage of CBD product over prescription drugs is that CBD products have fewer side effects. At the end of any prescription medication advertisement, you'll see a list of several possible side effects. The possible side effects, sometimes, are more dangerous than the sickness to be treated.

On the other hand, CBD products have fewer side effects. CBD side effects may include nausea, fatigue, irritability; while side effects of some prescription drugs may involve more dangerous conditions like heart attack, bleeding etc.

Another advantage is that CBD products are not addictive, compared to prescription drugs. For example, Opioids used for pain alleviation like hydrocodone, codeine, morphine etc are addictive. CBD oil, on the opposite side, can treat pain without being addictive. Hence, CBD oil is a good alternative for most pain relievers and other drugs which can be addictive.

CBD also provides the advantage of being a naturally occurring substance. It is a natural alternative for treating pain and inflammation. It can also be used as an antidepressant. Other advantages are that CBD can be bought without a prescription, and it is cheaper than some prescription drugs.

While CBD has several advantages over prescription drugs, it shouldn't be used as a direct replacement for prescription drugs especially since it still requires medical research to prove its safety and efficacy. Some prescription drugs have few side effects and are very effective also. If you want to replace CBD with any drug, consult your doctor and ask if it is safe to do so.

Avik Das

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

CBD's popularity and benefits have contemplated people to make it a great or even better alternative over regular medications that are prescribed from doctors. Now, the question may arise whether it is the right move to get CBD products over prescribed medicines.

To treat anxiety and headaches, CBD products certainly top over the prescribed medicines. CBD is made from cannabinoids, which is proven to have many health benefits and certainly plays a crucial role to cure various mental health problems. Once you take CBD product in your system, they rapidly start working while functioning and making positive changes in your brain that help to minimize or get rid of anxiety or depression. It also helps to lower the cortisol hormone, which is primarily responsible for anxiety or stress. On the other hand, prescribed medications could give good results as well but it would not be as long term as CBD products. Moreover, the biggest downside of a prescribed medicine is the side effects. So, if you take medications regularly to get rid of anxiety or depression, the side effect of it simply inevitable.

The significant difference between CBD and prescription medicine is obviously the lack of side effects. The prescription medications, especially those of high doses, cause numerous unwanted side effects in the body. Some sides effects could be life-threatening such as heart attack, stroke, or any long-term dangerous diseases. Conversely, if you choose to have CBD products, you won't have to worry about these dangerous side effects. The worst side effects you might experience due to CBD are diarrhoea, body fatigue or dry mouth. But you take CBD doses under the guidance of a doctor or an expert, these side effects are highly unlikely. Furthermore, avoid buying CBD products with high THC because it not only makes you high but also could have negative effects.

Another difference could be cost-effectiveness. Depending on the brand and doses of a CBD product, it is usually cheaper than regularly prescribed medicines. While CBD oil might be a little costly, the gummies and capsules are comparably inexpensive to normal medications. Therefore, CBD could save you some money every month while producing good results.

For issues like depression or anxiety, CBD could be useful and certainly capable of replacing regular medicines. However, it should be done only through a medical check-up and the advice of a doctor. If you already have other health problems and you depend on medications for them then CBD products shouldn't an ideal answer.

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