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Will full-spectrum CBD/G reduce a THC high?

Asked 3 years ago

I took my first dose of MMJ I bought at the dispensary today, but I don’t like the feeling, I’m too high. How can I counteract this feeling? Will a full-spectrum 1:1 CBD/G oil help?

Petal Mashraki

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

CBD might help relieve the side effects of THC but there are no guarantees. Rather try eating or drinking water, and give the MMJ time to work. If you've been prescribed MMJ then rather talk to your doctor before adding CBD into the mix. Your doctor might reduce your MMJ dose.

Joel Taylor

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Studies show that CBD can inhibit the adverse effects that THC has on the brain when taken simultaneously. Full-spectrum CBD oil usually contains trace amounts of THC, but not enough to make you feel "high".

Although this might not directly make you feel less high, it should lower feelings of anxiety and memory impairment, which could indirectly make you feel less high. Although, you should consider broad-spectrum or even isolates, considering you're already consuming THC.

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