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Does cooking Lion's Mane destroy the nutrients?

Asked 2 years ago

When I eat Lions Mane mushrooms, should I eat them raw or do I need to prepare them in a certain way? Apparently, mushrooms should be cooked to break down the chitin, but wouldn't that just destroy all of the nutrients in the mushroom? Can anyone recommend the best way to cook Lion's Mane if it does need to be prepared?

Emery Salas

Saturday, October 09, 2021

First slice off the bottom that is usually dirty, then cut Lion's mane into your desired slices. Add the mushrooms into a dry pan over medium heat to remove moisture. After about two minutes, add olive oil or butter to the mushroom. Cook for two minutes and flip, once the mushrooms are brown on both sides, add seasonings and that is it!

Avik Das

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Wash well before cooking Lion's mane mushroom, but cooking doesn't have a significant impact on the nutrients. While cooking Lion's mushroom is it can eliminate the germs, it could also eliminate a couple of vitamins. But the best part of cooking Lion's mane or any other mushroom is it can break down Chitin, which is a fibrous substance of polysaccharides. The human body naturally can not break down Chitin.

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