Can anyone give advice on how they have administered CBD to their child? - Cannabotech

Can anyone give advice on how they have administered CBD to their child?

Asked 3 years ago

Hello, I'm looking for advice on using CBD products for my son who is 12 and on the autistic spectrum. I was planning to start with oil to ensure a low dose, but I'm wondering if sweets would be the way to go (I'm reluctant to fork out a lot of money on something if he won't tolerate the taste). Especially as I've just learned that the oil has to be held under the tongue for a few minutes. I can't see him doing it tbh. But I gather the sweets contain a higher dose of CBD (the ones I found contain 25 mg while the oil is only 2.5mg per drop). Can anyone give advice on how they have adminstered the oil to their child? (I am aware products are sold with 18+ restrictions)

Samuel Njoroge

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

CBD is available in a wide range of options, ranging from oils, creams, tinctures, gummies, etc.

One of the best ways to administer this compound is through CBD-infused gummies. Most kids may not like the natural, earthy taste of CBD, but they may enjoy the sweet, 'candy' taste of gummies.

Another way you may administer this compound is through CBD oil. You may choose different flavors, making it easier for your child to intake their dosage.

THC content is another factor you should consider. Ensure it's within the allowed limit (less than 0.2%). Talk to your kid’s doctor before you administer CBD to your kids.

Brooklyn McDaniel

Brooklyn McDaniel

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Why do you want to suppress your autistic child from being himself?

Osasere Okunloye

Sunday, September 26, 2021

There are CBD tinctures with very nice flavours too, but if you feel your son may not be able to hold it under his tongue for long, you can try other forms of CBD like gummies, lotions, capsules etc. Some products like Charlotte's web, Joy Organics and cbdMD have CBD gummies of 10mg. You can also check for other less concentrated products.

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