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Can CBD oil help with anxiety?

Asked 3 years ago

So I'm experiencing anxiety, sometimes just the jitters and other times more overwhelming. I'd love to hear how others have experienced life-changing results from using CBD oil and their route to getting there in terms of how they started and built up to achieving the correct dose (to give me some encouragement and hope).

Petal Mashraki

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Taking CBD oil and CBD capsules has definitely eased the anxiety that I struggled with for a long time. Using CBD for moods and anxiety has given me significant relief from my perimenopause symptoms. Don't just take it from me, experts say that CBD can reduce stress and lower the signs of anxiety. The great thing is that CBD is natural, so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. As for finding the right dosage, it is always recommended to start with a low dosage of CBD and see how you feel. Then slowly adjust the dosage if you need to. Don't be discouraged, once you find the right type of CBD, and the correct dosage, it can be life-changing.

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