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Recommended CBD oil to take for depression and anxiety?

Asked 3 years ago

Hi all I suffer with depression and anxiety. I was on a high dose of antidepressants but found I was confused and dazed all the time. Can any of you make any suggestions for CBD oil I should use for my depression? How are CBD oil and antidepressants similar, can you take them together? I also vape. Would that be a method I can use?

Avik Das

Saturday, May 08, 2021

CBD has become one of the favourable options for consumers who suffer from anxiety and depression. Without any significant side effects, CBD products have become well-known in the market. Needless to say, many people also prefer CBD products to deal with the same instead of prescribed medicines because the latter brings in unwanted side effects.

You have mentioned that you take high doses of antidepressants, and it should be a matter of concern. Even though CBD claims to be totally natural, combining it with other medications, especially high doses, could have negative effects on the body, and antidepressants aren't exceptions. Research has shown that combining any high dose medication like antidepressants with CBD could create complication in the body. The particular person could face information issues or a sleeping disorder. Instead of reducing anxiety or depression, it might increase. While this evident after research and observation, it's not proven yet.

With that being said, you must consult an eligible doctor first, who might ask you to get rid of antidepressants or might suggest lowering the doses if you simultaneously take it with CBD.

Under doctor guidance, you can opt for high doses of CBD oil if your anxiety is bad. It would be better not to continue antidepressants since you haven't seen any significant results with it either. The daily suggested dose is 70mg per day, so don't go over that mark on a single day.

If you haven't heard of it, you should also research Lion's Mane mushrooms as they are believed to help with depression. However, there is debate about whether you can take Lion's Mane with antidepressants or not.

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