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Should I use broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD for anxiety?

Asked 3 years ago

I've decided to move away from prescription products and try CBD oil instead. I don't know if I should use broad-spectrum or full-spectrum oil for anxiety.

Avik Das

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Taking care of mental health should be one of the important aspects of life for every individual. There are several ways to tackle your anxiety. While therapies and yogas are the two best natural ways to handle your anxiety, CBD has become has popular nowadays to deal with the same.

While discussing CBD, there are two major CBD products, one is broad-spectrum and another one is full-spectrum. The question remains which one is more suitable to deal with your anxiety issues.

Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum have a distinction in ingredients. Full-spectrum has ingredients like terpenes, THC, and other cannabis ingredients. But broad-spectrum is free of THC. With that being said, full-spectrum has more such ingredients and it's usually more effective.

In order the get rid of or minimise the anxiety level, a full-spectrum is always the best bet. The studies have shown that taking terpene and cannabinoids of the full spectrum at the same time has given better results than usual. Not just anxiety, full-spectrum is more beneficial to fight heart disease, inflammation, and depression. The major drawback of taking full-spectrum is the presence of THC in it, which might give you a hangover at times or you might feel delirious occasionally. However, it's not the case always if you take the right approach. It's recommended to use a lower dose at the beginning of taking full-spectrum CBD oil. Also, it would be better to do it under the supervision of a doctor to avoid any inconvenience.

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