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Why don't the CBD drops work for my anxiety?

Asked 3 years ago

I have or had very bad anxiety. I've been off medication for 4 months and my anxiety has recently returned. I bought myself Nuhemp 1500mg, and I have taken 4 drops on a few occasions, but I find it doesn't help. Am I doing something wrong, or is it the product? Is CBD something you need to take daily and build up in your system?

Avik Das

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

CBD is confirmed to be one of the best ways to counter your anxiety. Millions of CBD users all over the world have gotten the benefits of CBD while battling depression and anxiety.

You have mentioned that you have been off medications for four months, but the stubborn anxiety has returned. If you were off medications then CBD intake certainly helped for four months. Now, the question is why it seems not to be working, although you are taking 1500mg. The best advice would be to increase your dose since your current anxiety is bad. Also, if the present product is not working then contemplate buying CBD oil or products of a different reputed company, even if it costs a little more than usual. By following these steps, you should see a positive outcome. However, if you have any medical issues or on prescribed drugs, then talk to your doctor first before going for higher doses of CBR. The reason is higher dose could also become detrimental for your body if they aren't taken wisely.

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