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Can I drink hemp and/or CBD oil with antidepressants?

Asked 3 years ago

I am currently on Citalopram, but I would like to give hemp and CBD shakes or coffees a try. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? Can you take CBD oil and antidepressants like citalopram together?

Joel Taylor

Thursday, May 06, 2021

Something like this definitely needs to be discussed with your doctor. Studies show that there can be drug-drug interactions between CBD and enzyme substrates/inhibitors/inducers, which classifies most antidepressants. This can cause an increase in side-effects related to the antidepressant, and it's advised not to take CBD and antidepressants together.

However, there is some positivity here. There are many instances of people who managed to wean themselves off of antidepressants using CBD products. If you do intend on attempting this, you need to lower your dose of the antidepressants immediately and give yourself at least 3 hours in between. In addition, you need to monitor yourself daily to see if you notice any adverse reactions to taking both substances at the same time, and then stop CBD immediately if you do notice anything detrimental.

If you chat with your doctor they should be more than willing to help you out and give you some advice on the topic. Weaning yourself off of antidepressants by using CBD is something that will take time and constant monitoring of your mind and body.

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