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Is CBD oil safe to take with prescription drugs?

Asked 3 years ago

I am currently on prescription medication for blood pressure and anxiety. Would it be safe for me to use CBD oil?

Avik Das

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Presently, CBD's popularity has sky-rocketed with success among CBD takers. Made primary from marijuana plants, CBD oil can be a lifesaver and it is proven to have given relief from mental health and physical health issues such as body pain, anxiety, inflammation, managing stress level. CBD oil could guide you to have hours of sleep every night that helps to reduce stress. Also, it could keep you calm throughout the day to process well in your daily activities.

Now, the question is if everyone can take CBD oil. If you are on prescription drugs then and thinking of taking CBD oil, then it could be confusing. While CBD oil has minor or no side effects, you should be highly cautious if you are already on prescribed drugs because it can cause potential damage to your body after colliding with medicines. And since you take blood pressure drugs, then you must refrain from trying CBD oil without proper knowledge. The best possible approach would be to have a detailed conversation with your doctor since he or she would know about your physical conditions and the drugs you are taking. Go for the CBD oil with prescribed drugs only when your doctor gives you the green signal.

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