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Is it safe to take Amitriptyline with CBD oil?

Asked 3 years ago

Will the CBD cancel out the effect of my medication? What potential interactions are there between amitriptyline and CBD oil?

Roscoe Ramirez

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Generally, CBD may affect the metabolism of certain drugs leading to increased side effects or medications not working. Some experts say taking CBD with Amitriptyline can increase side effects like drowsiness, dizziness, confusion etc. Proceed with caution. As a general rule, you should see a doctor before taking CBD along with any medication to avoid complications.

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Buddy Hodges

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Taking CBD with drugs, including Amitriptyline can lead to some unwanted side effects in the body. CBD might not gel well with Amitriptylin. CBD could hinder the enzymes that get affected while taking a drug like Amitriptyline. Hence, the use of Amitriptyline and CBD together can lead to unwanted side effects like anticholinergic syndrome, drowsiness, long QT syndrome etc.

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