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Need advice on CBD oil for an elderly arthritis patient?

Asked 3 years ago

My wife is 83yrs of age and suffers from arthritis. Painkillers don't seem to work very well. I would like to try this CBD oil and would like some advice on it, please. Is CBD safe for elderly people? I need info please on what kind of CBD, dosage, side effects, etc.?

Joel Taylor

Friday, June 11, 2021

CBD should be just as safe for you as it is for younger adults so long as you use it wisely and give yourself time to adjust and experience the benefits.

Firstly, CBD is not understood to interact with arthritis medications, but you should still exercise caution when taking the two together. Many drugs are metabolised by enzymes in the liver that are inhibited by CBD, so taking the two simultaneously could pose a greater risk for side effects relating to the drug, which is especially dangerous for elderly people.

As for products, CBD oils or tinctures taken sublingually will give you beneficial effects for an extended period of time. Edibles are easier to consume but have a lower bioavailability and time before the effects are noticeable. Topical CBD creams and lotions can be rubbed onto inflamed areas. They technically have a lower bioavailability but could assist in the use of tinctures or oils.

Samuel Njoroge

Friday, June 11, 2021

When administering CBD to seniors, you have to be extra cautious to avoid probable side effects.

You must go through the third-party lab results to know the THC content in that product. THC (a psychoactive compound) may leave you with an intoxication effect associated with marijuana consumption. It should be within the allowed limit (less than 0.2%).

While CBD is considered a safe product, you must learn about probable side effects and drug interactions (if they are taking any).

You should start by consuming a small amount of CBD and you may increase your intake in time to have an optimal dosage that may work for you.

Alex Saez

Sunday, September 12, 2021

CBD is a natural product, so the side effects are very less or almost none. But for elderly people, you have to be extra careful. A third party lab test of a product should be mandatory to know the CBD oil is authentic and the claims by a brand are trustable. It should not be taken with other painkillers. Also, start with a low dosage and after getting positive results, increase the dosage.

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