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Massage and acupuncture for menopause joint pain?

Asked a year ago

I've recently entered menopause, and among many unpleasant surprises, I've started feeling some joint pain that is affecting my daily life. My colleague at work suggested I try massage, while my neighbour swears that acupuncture will change my life. So, those with similar experiences: have you tried any alternative treatments? Would you agree they are worth a shot?

Thank you

Babafemi Adebajo

Babafemi Adebajo

Thursday, March 09, 2023

Massage and acupuncture are two effective alternative therapy methods you could try for menopausal joint pain. They provide pain relief by stretching the muscles or stimulating pain inhibitors directly. Additionally, you can also switch to anti-inflammatory diets, incorporate moderate physical activity, practice breathing and relaxation techniques, and work on sleeping better.

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