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Which works better for you: hemp flower or vaping?

Asked 3 years ago

I get a good feeling from vaping hemp and CBD flowers, but I've heard and read a lot of negative nay-says from the CBD community. I've also tried hemp flower, but some strains initiate panic attacks. How do I know which strain to buy? I mean, I know that vaping CBD is better than nicotine, so sure vaping hemp or CBD flowers is better than smoking them? Or is the CBD vs nicotine info totally unrelated here?

Osasere Okunloye

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Both vaping or hemp flowers have particular benefits and negatives as well. It is important to pick a high-quality CBD product when using any of these methods.

Vaping is a convenient way to take CBD. Vape oil is readily absorbed in the body and produces almost an instant effect. This is one of the reasons vaping oil has gained significant popularity in recent time because it produces a cool feeling immediately. Another advantage of taking CBD in a vape pen is the convenience. The vape pen is easy to move around with, making it easy to take your CBD everywhere you go.

Just as there are advantages, there also disadvantages of using the vape pen. Those with respiratory diseases can develop coughing and nausea when they inhale too much quantity of vape oil. Another risk is that there are carcinogenic compounds in some CBD oils out there. When taken in a vape pen, these substances may cause some respiratory complications like asthma.

On the other side, when choosing your hemp flower strains, make sure you buy from a high-quality grower. You can also check some physical properties like aroma, colour, touch etc. High-quality CBD flowers usually have a powerful smell and a purple colour, it is not too dry nor too wet.

If you want to get a CBD product, you should go for a high-quality product, as taking low-quality products, by either vaping or hemp flower can cause several complications.

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