Bud mother - Cannabotech

What is Bud Mother?

Bud Mother is an online shop and information hub that specialises in supplying CBD and hemp products to individuals situated in the United Kingdom.

What Does Bud Mother Sell?

Bud Mother's online store boasts a wide range of CBD products and paraphernalia. The main categories of products that they offer are:

  • CBD flowers and vape juices with low THC content.
  • Bud grinders with built-in hash collectors.
  • Various smoking apparatuses, such as rolling papers, vaporisers, bongs, and lighters.

Although they do offer a limited range of CBD tinctures and oils, marketed for humans and pets alike, their focus seems far more steered towards the inhaled form of CBD products.

Should You Buy From Bud Mother?

If you are a cannabis or nicotine smoker (either through vaping, cigarettes, or raw cannabis plants) and want to try your hand at inhaling some CBD products as well, Bud Mother seems like a good option to choose from.

Alternatively, if you would prefer a safer approach to CBD that doesn't involve inhaling anything, or perhaps some traditional mushroom treatments, check out Cannabotech's store for CBD oils, creams, and functional mushrooms instead.