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In this day and age, there is hardly a person alive who hasn't heard the claims that CBD products are an efficient and effective method of combating a variety of illnesses. It can inhibit the growth of cancer, suppress feelings of anxiety, ease chronic pain, and so much more, but where's the proof?

Well, it turns out there's a lot.

Ever since lucky parents first discovered that CBD had a therapeutic effect on their children who suffered from epilepsy, increasing levels of focus have been applied to studying the compound in home-level experiments as well as clinical trials, and the evidence is overwhelming.

A paper by Arno Hazekamp, the former Head of Research and Education at Bedrocan BV, discusses everything from how CBD products were first discovered to have therapeutic medical effects and the results in a variety of clinical trials. It also discusses the potential risks of CBD products (of which there are few, mostly relating to incorrect labeling and poor manufacturing processes).

This paper looks at and reviews a number of clinical trials specifically related to combating treatment-resistant epilepsy with multiple types of CBD products (both CBD-rich cannabis extracts as well as purified CBD).

This one talks about safety and potential side effects. This one discusses treating insomnia with raw flowers. Here is another that discusses the effectiveness and tolerability of oromucosal spray in patients with severe chronic pain.

As you can see, there is definitely no shortage of resources that discuss the effectiveness of CBD products in a variety of methods, applications, and treatments.

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