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Our story

As the saying goes – we’re all in this together. And “this,” these days, is a lot of stress and feeling worn down. Our world is hectic, it makes us anxious. It’s difficult to sleep well, eat well, and lead a healthy lifestyle. It’s no surprise that our immune system often gets compromised, and that we find ourselves not feeling well. When we search for information that will give us some insights on what to do, it can be overwhelming. There’s just too much information out there, which makes it hard for us to know what’s the best recommendation to take and the best path to follow for reducing stress, sleeping better, and being more resilient. Cannabotech is here to help. We’re on a mission to reframe wellness and change people’s lives. And we’re doing this by bringing together the ancient wisdom of botanical medicines, the power of modern science, and a new holistic approach.

How it all got started

Cannabotech was originally established in 2018 with the goal to conduct scientific research into how botanicals can be used for treating cancer. The inspiration for taking the company on this journey came from Elchanan Shaked, a wellness entrepreneur and our founder and CEO. During his business travels to Asia, he saw firsthand that botanicals can be very powerful for treating even the toughest of illnesses. To help bring his vision to life, Elchanan brought on a team of well-regarded scientists, each an expert in their field, including Professor Fuad Fares, who specializes in cancer research and healing botanicals, Professor Salomon Wasser, an authority on medicinal mushrooms, and Professor Yuval Heled, a leading physiologist. When they came onboard the professors brought with them the great scientific insight they had aggregated during the extensive research they performed at Haifa University. This research was based on and driven by the doctoral thesis of one of their students who had lost her father to cancer and who was determined to develop a unique treatment for the disease as based on medicinal mushrooms. Upon joining the company, their teams set off to deepen and widen the research. And through these efforts, they came to uncover the power of medicinal mushrooms for not only treating but even preventing the most common issues that impact our health and resilience today. It is this research that produced a breadth of mushroom mixes that are now present in every Cannabotech formula. What’s more, these teams also succeeded at proving that unprecedented efficacy can be achieved when combining these mushrooms with cannabis extracts along with recommendations for a healthy lifestyle and behaviors. The result was a whole line of preventative health products and solutions.

The science behind the new combination

What makes what they did, and are still doing, so special – is twofold. First, by combining a mix medicinal mushrooms with pharmaceutical grade Cbd oil we are bringing solutions that are uniquely integrative and which are highly customizable to specific health issues. Second, when you take the cannabis extracts that modulate the endocannabinoid system – regulator of many of our most critical bodily functions, together with medicinal mushrooms, which are superb for boosting the immune system, the effect of this combination is so much greater than when take each separately. This combination is now known as M2CBD, our one-of-a-kind and patent-pending formula that can be found in the broad range of Cannabotech’s targeted botanical products. Complementing our unique M2CBD-based botanicals is the My Being™ approach to health, which calls for bolstering the effects of products with the right routines and behaviors. Facilitating this approach is the My Being™ app which creates, personalizes, and delivers AI-powered recommendations to guide you on your journey to better health.

Your Botanical Pharmacy

When you bring all this together – ground-breaking formulation technology, the combination of medicinal mushrooms with cannabis extracts, and the My Being™ approach and app – what you get is your Botanical Pharmacy, which empowers you to minimize the impact of stress and improve your sleep so you can boost your immune system and live a better, healthier, and happier life.

  • Dr Dov Melamed

    Dov Melamed is a research scientist with over 15 years of experience in Biopharma. Most notable, he was a researcher at Bar Ilan's Male Fertility Clinic and QBI. He completed his Ph.D. in Biotechnology at Bar-Ilan University.

  • Dr Basem Fares

    Basam Fares received his Ph.D. in Oncology and Cancer Biology from the Faculty of Medicine in the Technion Institute of Technology. He is a cancer researcher at the Rambam Oncology Department and a research assistant at Mount Carmel Hospital and Prolor Biotech.

  • Dr Efrat Oron

    Efrat Oron is a molecular biologist, with an MSc and PhD from Tel-Aviv University. She completed her post-doctoral research on embryonic stem cells at Yale University. She has been an associate research scientist at the University of California and a scientific advisor at the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office “Mimshak” fellow.

  • Prof. Fuad Fares

    Fuad Fares is a world-renowned biologist and pharmacologist. He is the founder & director of the Department of Molecular Genetics at Carmel Medical Center and associate professor in the Department of Human Biology at Haifa University

  • Prof. Yuval Heled

    Yuval Heled Ph.D., LLB, is a physiologist and scientist. He is a world-class expert in integrative physiology and physiology of effort, in the study of metabolic processes, and in disease prevention. He is a Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  • Prof. Haim Lutan

    Haim Lotan is a prominent world figure in cardiology. He is the director of cardiology at Hadassah University Hospital, former president of the Israel Cardiology Association, and founder of the Israeli Department of Invasive Cardiology