Unwind Dual System

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Supporting you inside & out

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Unwind Drops 30ML
Unwind Drops
Unwind Muscle Rub 50ML
Unwind Muscle Rub
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Product Description

The Unwind Dual System takes an “inside and out” approach, and is the perfect combination to help relax tight muscles and unclench knotted tissue. The Unwind Muscle Rub, combined with the Unwind Food Supplement, simultaneously tackles the same problem from all angles – from inside and out – creating a supercharged effect on your health and wellbeing.

Unwind products contain a blend of high-quality functional mushrooms, including Chaga, Cordyceps, and Reishi, to support your immune system and to help strengthen your stamina for better sports performance and recovery. We’ve added premium pharmaceutical-grade, isolated CBD oil to help strengthen your endocannabinoid system to promote homeostasis in the body.

1000Mg CBD 3000Mg Mushroom mix
Need to revive sore muscles? The Unwind Dual System contains a unique blend. Firstly, medical mushrooms which help to support oxygen flow, enhance endurance, avert damage to skeletal muscles, reduce muscle mass loss and enhance muscle regeneration. And, in addition, CBD, which has anticonvulsant properties, reduces muscular inflammation, restores muscle function, prevents loss of locomotor activity, and promotes the maturation of muscle cells.

Good to know

The M²CBD formula

We’ve supercharged CBD by combining it with functional mushrooms to create our own unique formula: M²CBD. This formula simultaneously targets the body’s endocannabinoid and immune systems to boost your health on all fronts.