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The Science

Supercharging your immune system and endocannabinoid system nature's way

Our body’s endocannabinoid system

A built-in signaling system

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a cell-signalling, biological network that has been identified in all animals, with the possible exception of insects.

The ECS is responsible for the homeostasis of our physiological responses including our mood, memory, sleep, stress, metabolism, appetite, pain, immune function, energy, and others. To help you picture it, you can think of the ECS as a computer operating system that helps us ‘run’ smoothly.

How your ECS works

The ECS contains endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors that interact in a lock and key fashion to encourage homeostasis in the body. Additionally, the ECS contains enzymes to help break down endocannabinoids once the body gets what it needs from them.

While the ECS is innate to our bodies, the cannabis plant also produces its own cannabinoids like CBD, which have been scientifically proven to interact with our ECS. Paired together, they act as a powerful force of nature.


Our body’s immune system

Your body's defence and repair network

The immune system is an intricate network of organs, cells, and proteins who act like protective soldiers for the body, with the sole mission of keeping outside invaders such as bacteria and viruses.  

To return to the analogy of the operating system, it can be likened to the RAM that stores data for future use— In this case, for the health of the body. It remembers every pathogen that it has destroyed in your body so it can attack it faster if it enters again. 

When your immune system is strong, it can protect you against a whole host of threats from infection to chronic conditions. But when something goes wrong, you may find yourself ill more often, sensitive to allergens, experiencing embarrassing skin problems, enduring pain, or even developing autoimmune diseases. That’s why it is important to support it with a healthy lifestyle, diet, and complementary supplements when necessary. 

Supercharging your immune system with mushrooms

the modern lifestyle can take its toll on your immunity. Sleep, stress, and poor nutrition are the biggest culprits, but even our sedentary lifestyles can wear us down.

Fortunately, nature has the tools to help repair the damage. We share many of the same pathogens as well as similar protective mechanisms as mushrooms. In fact, The human body shares 50% of its DNA with mushrooms. So when you’re looking to support your immune system, you can start by looking for a substance your body recognises — a mushroom. Ample studies have shown that mushrooms can offer immunomodulating properties, meaning that they can help your immune system remain in harmony. 


Supercharge your immune system

Cannabotech products are designed to target both the endocannabinoid and immune system for a premium wellness routine. Our food supplements, skincare, and topical formulations all contain the most evidence-based functional mushrooms, as well as premium THC-free CBD in our patent-pending M²CBD formula. Together, they merge as powerhouses for our human operating system.