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UP TO 90%

of illness + disease is related to stress, per medical research estimates.*
*Stress Study by Clemson University

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"Its unique M2CBDTM botanical formula makes Cannabotech stand out from the crowd."

Our Preventative Approach: Boosts Your Immunity through Better Sleep & Less Stress.

Our breakthrough M2CBD formula combines:

immune-boosting functional mushrooms with premium CBD oil - helping balance & regulate many of your body's processes that can impact your stress, sleep, and skin health.

CBD combined with our highly-effective mushrooms (like Reishi & Lion's Mane), delivers a synergistic effect that's not possible on their own: for supercharged well-being & results.

Optimise your overall wellness, boost your immune system, and improve your resilience and health as you age.

Achieve your Health-BeingTM with our natural preventative care.

What is Health-BeingTM?

It's our term for taking back control of your health today and in the future through proactive prevention. We believe that preventative care is the best defense against serious illness.

Learn more about the Power of Preventative Care here.

Our PhD scientists + doctors are committed to your health.

Our lab of world-leading scientists has brought 10+ years of research to develop breakthrough formulations - to bring balance to our most common health ailments in both body & mind.

We've harnessed the scientific power of plants to help you feel better, healthy, and more resilient, naturally.


You deserve to be in control of your health.

Restorative + Revolutionary

Preventative Care



0% THC

cGMP facility-certified 3rd Party Tested.



Hemp-derived, Premium CBD

Formulated without Gluten or GMOs

Certified ISo 22716

Proprietary, forward-thinking formulations

No psycho-active ingredients

Ready for something that works?
These real stories tell all.


of people report feeling stress that
impacts their physical health.* *Stress facts and statistics via &

Rebalance Your Systems & Boost Your Immunity with CBD + Functional Mushrooms (like Reishi & Lion's Mane)

A body out of balance has many signs - from always feeling exhausted, brain fog, constant illness, racing thoughts, ineffective sleep, and even premature aging.

Using science to harness the power of nature, we can support our systems, calm our bodies, and improve ourselves for long-term overall wellness.

Patented Functional Mushroom
varieties grown specifically
for therapeutic results.

Often called adaptogens, we have cultivated new functional mushroom varieties that are proprietary, unique only to Cannabotech. You cannot find them anywhere else, along with their science-backed results.

Not all mushrooms extracts are created equal - our functional mushroom extracts (17 varieties) have a minimum of 30% active ingredients, giving you a bigger boost to support your body's systems and balance.

Breakthrough wellness formulas — all 100% natural.

Being committed to natural wellness shouldn't mean a compromise on results. Our premium ingredients are developed in our award-winning lab to give unique advantages to your health with every ingredient.

From CBD that's more actively used by your body to functional mushrooms that are proven to be more effective, you can have all-natural therapeutic solutions that make a real difference in your everyday life.


is more easily used + absorbed by your body than other CBD products.*
*3X more bioavailable

Transform Your Health-BeingTM in 3 Simple Steps:


Click Reveal My Routine.

Take our free short quiz to reveal which health and wellness areas need your attention right now.

Get your personal routine and recommendations so that you can be empowered with botanical blends that work best for you.


Do your routine daily.

Every great success starts with a single change. Lasting impact comes from daily choices.

Use your botanical blends everyday to get the results you've been looking for.


Thrive today and tomorrow.

Feel more balance, healthy, and relaxed.

You can reclaim your health without making compromises on your natural commitments. You deserve to feel good now and in the future. You can be in control of your health.


We're on a mission to change people's lives through botanical science.

At Cannabotech, we are a team of doctors and research scientists, who share a common mission to put effective, preventative care solutions into everyone's hands.

We combine scientific research and the latest technology to bring you personalised, holistic solutions to enhance your well-being.

You deserve to be in control of your health today and tomorrow.
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Your face tells what's going on in your body.
Our free app empowers you with real-time wellness stats
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Free AI-Powered, Personalised tools for your Holistic, Health-BeingTMjourney.

Using Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI) right on your phone, our personalised face scan analyses 17 different areas of your face to assess your wellness level.

Stay in control of your health by using this app as a regular health tool along with our personalised well-being tips.

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Do you still feel sluggish
- no matter what you do?

We get it - this is common for so many of us.

Life is too short to feel "off" and tense all the time.
It's not good for you long-term.

You take care of your body the best way you know how, but you can't get the results you need. Worse, it's keeping you from living the life you want now, and later.

That's why we have developed special botanical blends that help your body rebalance naturally using our science-backed solutions.


Frequently-Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Are these products legal?

Yes, CBD (cannabidiol) is legal in the UK as long as it meets certain requirements. In November 2018, the UK government legalized CBD, provided that it meets specific standards of safety, quality, and efficacy.

Our products contain isolated premium CBD with 0% THC. When choosing a product that includes CBD, it is important to select a trusted brand you can trust. CBD products that are sold in the UK must contain less than 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the psycho-active compound in cannabis that produces a "high." They must also be derived from an industrial hemp strain that is EU-approved and be labelled as a food supplement.

Can any of these products get me high?

No, CBD (cannabidiol) does not get you high. CBD is a non-intoxicating compound found in cannabis plants, and it does not produce the psycho-active effects associated with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the main psycho-active compound found in cannabis that produces a "high.”

While CBD and THC are both cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, they have different effects on the body. THC binds to CB1 receptors in the brain and central nervous system, producing euphoria and altering perception, while CBD does not bind strongly to these receptors and does not produce psycho-active effects

What makes these products better, or premium compared to other brands?
We are pioneers in scientifically-combining CBD with Functional Mushrooms. With over a decade of scientific research, and only the highest quality ingredients on Earth (including the finest CBD oil and potent, functional mushrooms) going into every single Cannabotech product – you can be assured that you are getting the safest, and best quality when it comes to your botanical, daily wellness blends.

Functional Mushrooms + CBD Oil = Supercharged Well-being & better results. Our unique M2CBD Formula combines potent, functional mushrooms with premium CBD oil - giving a supercharged effect for well-being; greater than each key ingredient on its own.

We take a science-backed, preventative care approach - meaning that in addition to helping you with your daily concerns (from sleep, stress, skin and more), our blends help to support and promote your immune system, to support well-being not just for today, but also for many tomorrows. Our blends help to balance your overall wellness, boost your immune system, and improve your resilience and health as you age We're so confident that you'll love our botanical blends, that we offer a full Money Back Guarantee.

Here are some additional factors in the Cannabotech difference:

1. We've harnessed the scientific power of plants to help you feel better, healthy, and more resilient, naturally. CBD combined with our scientifically-proven, highly-effective mushrooms (like Reishi & Lion's Mane), delivers a synergistic effect that's not possible on their own. You get the greater combined wellness benefits of Functional Mushrooms & CBD.

2. Our products combine the benefits of both Premium CBD + Functional Mushrooms, in a breakthrough M2CBD formulation that balances your body’s systems (i.e. Endocannabinoid & Immune Systems) for wellness both today, and for tomorrow. It's the ultimate wellness formula, combining CBD & Functional Mushrooms - for your optimal well-being.

3. Cannabotech technology enables CBD to be 3x more easily used and absorbed by your body, compared to competitive CBD products.

4. We use 17 varieties of patented, functional mushrooms - unique only to us. We ensure there’s at least 30% active ingredients (polysaccharides) in each mushroom extract. While most companies focus on extracting the fruiting bodies of mushrooms, we use the untapped potential of the submerged culture – mycelium – proven for its efficacy.

5. Our drops contain Reishi alcohol extract, and not just water (like many other companies use). This gives you unique benefits such as immunity benefits and antioxidation.

6. Our products focus not only on polysaccharides and beta glucans, but also on the sought-after Ganoderic Acid, which has been shown to have immunity & anti-inflammation benefits.
How often can I use these products?

The frequency of using CBD products can vary depending on the individual, specific needs, and the type of product being used. It's generally recommended to start with a low dose of CBD and gradually increase it until you achieve the desired effects.

CBD products can be used as often as needed to manage symptoms or promote general wellness, but it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or questions.

What happens if I use a lot of these products together or take too much?

We suggest beginning with a conservative approach and paying attention to how your body reacts. If you feel like you have consumed an excessive amount, it is advisable to remain calm and, in most situations, the symptoms should diminish in a few hours. It is essential to adhere to the guidelines provided, and to seek advice from a healthcare specialist if you have any concerns.

Are these long-term effects from using CBD + Functional Mushrooms?

The long-term effects of CBD are still being researched and studied, but current evidence suggests that it is generally safe and well-tolerated by most individuals. CBD is not known to be addictive, and there is no evidence of any significant side effects or harm caused by its use over extended periods.

Functional mushrooms have been used for centuries in traditional medicine, and recent studies have shown promising results for their potential health benefits. When considering the benefits of functional mushrooms, it's important to note that certain individuals have mushroom allergies and should avoid such products.

Are there drug or supplement interactions that I should be aware of?

Current research suggests that it is generally safe to use CBD in conjunction with other drugs. In fact, some studies have even suggested that CBD may enhance the effects of certain medications or alleviate certain side effects. However, it is important to note that the potential for drug interactions does exist, and individuals should always consult with their healthcare provider before using CBD or any other medication to ensure that it is safe for their individual needs and circumstances.

What forms of your CBD + Functional Mushrooms are available?

We offer 3 main delivery mechanisms, each with its unique benefits and applications:.

Oral Drops: This is a concentrated form of CBD extract that is typically taken sublingually (under the tongue). Oral Drops are versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes, including pain relief, anxiety reduction, and improving sleep quality.

Food Supplements: These supplements come in tablet form, and are pre-measured doses of CBD that are taken orally. They are convenient and easy to use, making them ideal for those who are always on-the-go.

Topical applications: These are creams, balms, lotions, and other products that are applied directly to the skin. They are ideal for localized pain relief, reducing inflammation, and improving skin health.

How long do the products last? Is there a half-life?

The duration of the effects of CBD products can vary depending on factors such as the individual's metabolism, the method of consumption, and the dosage. However, studies have shown that the effects of CBD typically last for several hours, with some individuals reporting effects lasting up to 12 hours or more.

The half-life of CBD can vary depending on the method of consumption. When taken orally, CBD has a half-life of approximately 1-2 days, meaning that it can take 1-2 days for the body to eliminate half of the initial dose. It's important to note that these half-life estimates are based on average values, and the actual half-life of CBD may vary depending on individual factors such as metabolism, body weight, and overall health.

Are these products addictive?

CBD (cannabidiol) is not considered to be addictive. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive component in cannabis that is responsible for producing the "high" associated with marijuana use, CBD does not produce any intoxicating effects and does not produce addiction in the same way that other drugs of abuse can.

In fact, some research has suggested that CBD may even have anti-addictive properties, as it has been shown to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms in individuals with substance use disorders.

What are Functional Mushrooms & their benefits?
Functional Mushrooms are naturally occurring fungi you may have heard of like Reishi, Chaga, Shiitake, and Lion's Mane. They're completely legal, safe, and non-hallucinogenic. Functional mushrooms have been used in for well over 2,000 years in East Asia. They contain highly-nutritive compounds such as beta glucan polysaccharides, triterpenes, terpenoids, and other compounds essential to sustaining life. They help support the body's balance.

Western scientists and experts professionals have taken interest in their highly effective immunomodulating properties. Much like the endocannabinoid system, functional mushrooms are thought to support biological functions including the immune system, nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, and more. With no known side effects and plenty of benefits, functional mushrooms are the ideal for people leading busy lifestyles. From Lion’s Mane (which is loaded with focus, memory & concentration benefits) to Reishi (known for its immune-boosting properties) and Cordyceps (made to increase stamina and energy), these mushrooms can help you live life to the fullest.
Are Functional Mushrooms safe & can they get me high?
Backed by science, Functional Mushrooms (often called medicinal mushrooms) are very safe and widely regarded as such. Unlike hallucinogenic mushrooms,, Functional Mushrooms will not get you high, and are very safe for consumption.

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