FormuGuard Food Supplement - Antioxidant Skin Protection

Helps to delay and even prevent visible signs of skin aging

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  • Did you know that what you put into your mouth also affects how your skin looks on the outside? No matter how many creams you use, if your insides aren’t well maintained, your skin will reflect this (and vice versa).
  • So, when you are faced with the issue of pollution and free radicals in the air that pose a threat to your skin's youthfulness and brightness, why not protect your skin from the inside-out against these particles, with FormuGuard's Antioxidant Food Supplement.
  • How do FormuGuard Food Supplements Work?

  • They contain a powerful blend of 3 functional mushrooms synergistically combined with premium CBD oil, to delay and even prevent visible signs of skin aging.
  • The mushrooms in this formulation are known to provide potent antioxidant support, protecting the skin from oxidative damage, which may prematurely and visibly age skin.
  • Benefits 

  • FormuGuard Dual System offers new solutions to today’s environmental stressors on your skin.
  • This antioxidant-rich formula blends premium isolated CBD and functional mushrooms including Shiitake, Reishi, Enokitake, and Turkey Tail to help fight free radicals and pollution, acting as a protective skin barrier while also promoting deep hydration and skin-brightening effects.
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  • The FormuGuard Dual System offers new solutions to today’s environmental stressors on your skin.
  • This antioxidant-rich formula blends premium, isolated CBD and functionall mushrooms including Shiitake, Reishi, Enokitake, and Turkey Tail to help fight free radicals and pollution, acting as a protective skin barrier while also promoting deep hydration and skin-brightening effects.





1200mg Premium CBD oil


54,000mg Functional Mushroom mix


Shiitake - has the ability to fade the appearance of photodamage and acne scarring. Their skin healing properties improve barrier strength, encourage faster skin renewal, and boost skin elasticity.

Reishi - contain antioxidants ergothioneine and glutathione. These prevent premature ageing and free radical formation, and also enhance sun protection.

Turkey Tail - has the powerful antioxidant quercetin that is known to reduce inflammation. This means it can help the skin look less puffy, red, and irritated. Quercetin may also have an anti-itch effect and calm the inflammation of damaged skin.

Enokitake - contains various antioxidants such as gallic acid, quercetin, ferulic acid among others which are helpful for healthy skin.


Vitamin C 720Mg - is a powerful antioxidant that neutralises the free radicals that cause oxidative stress to skin and lead to premature skin ageing. It also helps in the production of collagen in skin cells, helping to support skin structure and delay signs of ageing.




A Science-Backed, Preventative Care Approach.


Over a decade of scientific research & formulation, by world-leading scientists. 100% natural, botanical ingredients.


Forward-thinking formulations, with our unique M2CBD formulation (combining Functional Mushrooms & Premium CBD oil)- bringing balance to the body’s systems, for wellness today & tomorrow.


Meticulously tested by three independent labs.

0% THC

We use only premium CBD, containing O% THC.


Acclaimed by Get the Gloss, UK Beauty Shortlist and Hip & Healthy, as top wellness products


We're so sure you'll love our products, yet we also offer a full satisfaction guarantee.

“I'm passionate about helping people foster their own holistic health and wellness, which is why when I stumbled across Cannabotech's unique functional mushrooms, CBD supplements and skincare, it felt like a perfect fit for my mission. I am really impressed with the formulas and high quality of the products.”

Dr. Naomi Newman-Beinart, PhD, MSc, BSc

Frequently asked questions

Is CBD Legal?
Yes, CBD (cannabidiol) is legal in the UK as long as it meets certain requirements. In November 2018, the UK government legalised CBD, provided that it meets specific standards of safety, quality, and efficacy. Our products contain isolated premium CBD with 0% THC. When choosing a product that includes CBD, it is important to select a trusted brand you can trust. CBD products that are sold in the UK must contain less than 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the psycho-active compound in cannabis that produces a "high." They must also be derived from an industrial hemp strain that is EU-approved and be labelled as a food supplement.
How often can I use this product?
The frequency of using CBD products can vary depending on the individual, specific needs, and the type of product being used. It's generally recommended to start with a low dose of CBD and gradually increase it until you achieve the desired effects. CBD products can be used as often as needed to manage symptoms or promote general wellness, but it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or questions.
What makes this product premium compared to the competition?
Here are some key points that make up the Cannabotech difference:

  • Our products combine both Premium CBD + Functional Mushrooms, in a breakthrough formulation that balances your body’s systems (i.e. Endocannabinoid & Immune Systems) for wellness both today, and for tomorrow. It’s a preventative care approach to well-being. While our products are comparable to other premium CBD oil brands, you get the added benefits of functional mushrooms – which greatly enhance your wellness benefits.

  • Our technology enables our CBD to be 3x more easily used and absorbed by your body, compared to competitive CBD products.

  • Our 17 varieties of functional mushrooms are patented, and unique only to us. We ensure there’s at least 30% active ingredients (polysaccharides) in each mushroom extract. While most companies focus on extracting the fruiting bodies of mushrooms, we use the untapped potential of the submerged culture – mycelium – proven for its efficacy.

  • Our drops contain Reishi alcohol extract, and not just water (like many other companies use). This gives you unique benefits such as immunity benefits and antioxidation.

  • Our products focus not only on polysaccharides and beta glucans, but also on thesought-after Ganoderic Acid, which has been shown to have immunity & reduce swelling.
  • How does CBD affect sore muscles?
    CBD may potentially have several effects on sore muscles. Firstly, CBD is believed to possess healing properties, which may help reduce swelling in sore muscles. Swelling is a common response to muscle soreness, and CBD may help to alleviate this swelling, potentially reducing discomfort associated with sore muscles.

    Secondly, CBD is thought to have analgesic properties, which may help to reduce discomfort in sore muscles. CBD may interact with receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body, which plays a role in pain modulation, and may help to modulate signals related to sore muscles.

    Furthermore, CBD may also promote relaxation and reduce stress, which could indirectly benefit sore muscles. Stress and tension can contribute to muscle soreness, and CBD's potential calming effects may help to reduce stress and tension, which in turn may help to alleviate sore muscles.
    What are Functional Mushrooms effects on Stress?
    Functional mushrooms, such as reishi, lion's mane, and cordyceps, have been studied for their potential effects on stress. They are known to possess adaptogenic properties, which help the body adapt to stress and restore balance. Functional mushrooms are believed to modulate the body's stress response by influencing the production of stress hormones, such as cortisol, and supporting the adrenal glands. They may also have neuroprotective effects, promoting brain health and cognitive function, which can positively impact stress levels. Additionally, functional mushrooms contain bioactive compounds that may have calming and mood-enhancing effects.
    How does combining CBD, Functional Mushroom, Lavender and Chamomile enhance its effectiveness?
    Combining CBD, functional mushrooms, lavender, and chamomile may potentially enhance their effectiveness in reducing stress through their complementary properties. CBD may interact with receptors in the endocannabinoid system, reducing jitters and cortisol levels, while functional mushrooms may provide adaptogenic support to the body, helping it better cope with stress. Lavender and chamomile, known for their calming properties, may further promote relaxation and reduce angst. The combined effects of CBD, functional mushrooms, lavender, and chamomile may provide a multi-faceted approach to managing stress by addressing different aspects of the body's stress response.