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Deep Hydrate Cream 50ML

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Suitable for extremely dry skin

Product Description

Bring instant intense relief to parched and vulnerable skin with Cannabotech’s Deep Hydrate Cream. Say goodbye to itchiness, skin inflammation, and dryness. Lock in moisture, and nourish your dehydrated skin, making you feel like a million dollars all over.

Deep Hydrate Cream is based on the M²CBD formula, containing a unique and powerful blend of functional mushrooms and pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil that work together to deeply moisturize and nourish your skin.

Deep Hydrate Cream is suitable for sensitive skin, skin that is prone to psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, and any skin issue that requires deep hydration. This cream is the final destination in your search for a non-irritating, nourishing, and soothing cream that works for any skin type, and is guaranteed to prove you with unmatched hydration results.

How Does The Deep Hydrate Cream Work?

Deep Hydrate’s M²CBD-based formula uses functional mushrooms and pharmaceutical-grade simultaneously to lock in moisture and reduce skin inflammation. As part of our holistic and integrative approach to preventative care and your skin health, each ingredient in this cream serves a purpose to help your skin vulnerabilities.

CBD oil reduces skin inflammation to calm the skin and ward off redness and irritation. Only the highest quality CBD oil is used, and the results of this are truly phenomenal thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

The functional mushrooms in this product are Chaga mushrooms, Cordyceps mushrooms, and Reishi mushrooms. These mushrooms are known to nourish dehydrated skin and encourage collagen production as part of the healing process. 

They provide intense moisture that also improves your skin’s natural balance and reduces itchiness. Each functional mushroom serves a different purpose. When combined together, this results in intense hydration that reaches deep within your skin layers to provide you with relief to your vulnerable skin.

How To Use The Deep Hydrate Cream

Pump a pea-sized amount of the Deep Hydrate CBD oil cream onto your fingers (a little goes a seriously long way!). Gently rub the cream into affected areas, making sure to rub in any remaining cream. Then, you can enjoy nourished and moisturized skin. Apply cream as much as is needed, as often as you feel is necessary.

A List Of The Benefits Of Deep Hydrate Cream

  • Bring deep moisture to parched and vulnerable skin
  • CBD oil provides anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Functional mushrooms work to provide an unmatched level of moisture that penetrates deep within the skin
  • Functional mushrooms encourage collagen production
  • Suitable for all skin types, even those that are sensitive, prone to psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, and any other skin issue
  • Restore your skin’s natural balance and reduce itchiness
750Mg CBD 1000Mg Mushroom mix
How to use
Step 1 Pump a pea-sized amount of the Deep Hydrate CBD cream onto fingers. Step 2 Gently rub into affected areas. Step 3 Massage in any remaining cream. Enjoy skin that feels good with this CBD-based cream.
Bring deep moisture to parched and vulnerable skin. Developed with some of nature’s most nourishing ingredients, the Deep Hydrate Cream locks in moisture to nourish dehydrated skin, improve your skin’s natural balance and reduce itchiness. As part of our holistic and integrative approach to preventive care and your skin health, our skincare products are based on the ground-breaking M²CBD formula, combining a unique blend of functional mushrooms – known to be effective antioxidants and skin moisturisers – with pharmaceutical-grade CBD, and its anti-inflammatory properties

Good to know

Traditional mushrooms

Supercharged with the natural properties of Reishi, Lion's Mane and Cordyceps mushroom extracts.

Inonotus obliquus


  • Researches have shown that Inonotus obliquus mushrooms possess the highest ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) antioxidants, protect cells from highly reactive molecules known as free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) which work to incur oxidative stress in cells throughout the body.

Where it grows:

Inonotus obliquus can be found growing on birch trees in Northern parts of Europe, the United States, Canada, and Asia.

Fun Fact:

Inonotus obliquus is technically not a mushroom, although it is grouped with mushrooms. It is actually a sclerotia, the hardened mass of mycelium (the vegetative, threadlike part of the fungi that helps it grow and reproduce).

Cordyceps militaris


  • Cordyceps militaris has been described as a treasure in old Chinese medical books and Tibetan medicine. Traditional healers have recommended the medicinal fungus as a powerful tonic because it improves energy, appetite, stamina and endurance.
  • The Cordyceps militaris mushroom is an incredible energy-boosting fungi because of its ability to increase ATP production. Cordyceps militaris is recommended when it comes to physical performance.

Where it grows:

Natural Cordyceps militaris sinensis can be found growing on caterpillars in the high mountains of East Asia, however commercial Cordyceps militaris are grown on rice.

Fun Fact:

A Chinese women's distance running team attributed taking cordyceps with their record-setting speeds in the 1993 National Games in Beijing, China.

Ganoderma lucidum


  • Ganoderma lucidum mushroom is used to help enhance the immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep, and lessen fatigue.
  • Ganoderma lucidum was listed as the most cherished among the superior herbs - with more than 400 bioactive compounds in it -  that are considered to prolong life, prevent aging, boost IQ, and make the body light.

Where it grows:

Ganoderma lucidum can be found growing on trees in temperate and subtropical climates in Asia, Europe, South America and North America

Fun Fact:

The reishi mushroom was so revered in ancient China that it was reserved only for royalty.

The M²CBD formula

We’ve supercharged CBD by combining it with functional mushrooms to create our own unique formula: M²CBD. This formula simultaneously targets the body’s endocannabinoid and immune systems to boost your health on all fronts.

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