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Cholesterol maintenance food supplement

Product Description

Cholesterol Balancing Complex

The Reduce Cholesterol Balancing Complex is based on our ground-breaking M²CBD formulation that simultaneously targets the Immune System (with a blend of Functional Mushrooms) and the Endocannabinoid System (with premium, pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil). 

Oyster, Reishi, Wood Ear, Shiitake, and Maitake mushrooms have been selected for this formula to deliver potent, cardio-protective compounds such as antioxidants, polysaccharides, Triterpenes, ACE inhibitor peptide, lovastatin, and ergosterol. 

CBD oil specifically activates the endocannabinoid system, whilst providing added antioxidant and cholesterol-lowering support.

The simultaneous strengthening of both systems produces a supercharged, synergistic effect on your health and wellbeing.


1200Mg CBD 54Mg Mushroom mix 


CBD- oil specifically activates the endocannabinoid system, whilst providing added antioxidant and cholesterol-lowering support.

Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus) Mushroom - may promote heart health by reducing heart disease risk factors like high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) Mushroom -could improve good cholesterol or blood sugar.

Wood Ear (Auricularia aricula-judae) Mushroom - may help to keep cholesterol levels in check and decreased the atherogenic index by 40%.

Shiitake (Lentinus edodes) Mushroom - mushrooms contain eritadenine, a compound known to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. They also contain beta-glucans that reduce inflammation and help prevent the intestines from absorbing cholesterol.

Maitake (Grifola frondose) Mushroom -contains beta-glucans which help reduce cholesterol improving artery functionality and overall cardiovascular health to lower your risk for heart disease. The polysaccharides in maitake can reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol without affecting your triglyceride or HDL (good) cholesterol levels.

How to use
Take one tablet with a meal, up to twice a day, to help regulate cholesterol levels and protect your cardiovascular system. These CBD tablets also contain extracts of Reishi, Wood Ear, Maitake, Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms, which have several cardio-protective compounds.
Your body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells, but high levels of cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease. High cholesterol has also been tied to diabetes and high blood pressure. Cannabotech’s® Reduce Complex offers a unique and potent blend of 5 medicinal mushrooms (Oyster, Reishi, Wood Ear, Shiitake, Maitake), combined with premium, pharmaceutical-grade CBD, to provide powerful support in the management and regulation of Cholesterol and associated issues.

Good to know

Traditional mushrooms

Supercharged with the natural properties of Reishi, Lion's Mane and Cordyceps mushroom extracts.

Pleurotus Ostreatus


  • Pleurotus ostreatus mushrooms contain several substances thought to influence health. Pleurotus ostreatus mushrooms are rich with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants such as Niacin, Vitamin D, Iron, Riboflavin, Potassium, Vitamin B6, B Vitamins, Folic acid, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Pantothenic acid.
  • These substances provide Pleurotus ostreatus mushrooms effectiveness in ability to lower cholesterol, promote heart health, support better immune function, improve metabolic health, encourage healthy blood sugar control, provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Where it grows:

The Pleurotus ostreatus mushroom can be found in multiple temperate and subtropical forests throughout the world, although it is most known as a WWI staple in Germany.

Fun Fact:

The Pleurotus ostreatus mushroom has been used for alternative leather, mycelium bricks, mycelium furniture, and other textiles.

Auricularia Aricula-judae


  • Enhances the activity of immune cells that protect the body.
  • A Auricularia aricula-judae mushroom is a great source of the B vitamins, amino acids, fiber, copper, and pantothenic acid.
  • Its antioxidant activity has been found to be beneficial in preventing the development of degenerative disorders.

Where it grows:

The Auricularia aricula-judae mushroom is generally found on elder trees (but not exclusively) in temperate forests in India, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the UK.

Fun Fact:

The Auricularia aricula-judae is also nicknamed 'Judas' ear' or 'Jew's ear' because it is generally found on the elder tree, the tree where the biblical Judas Iscariot was thought to hang himself.

Lentinus Edodes


  • Lentinus Edodes mushrooms are thought to have a legion of medicinal properties, thanks in part to its diverse profile of micronutrients, such as phosphorus, B vitamins, selenium and a compelling profile of health promoting polysaccharides.
  • Lentinus Edodes mushroom is great for immunity, liver function, supports the cardiovascular system, helping to control blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation in the body. to boost longevity.

Where it grows:

Lentinus Edodes mushrooms largely grow in groups on deciduous trees like maple, poplar, and oak trees in warm and moist Southeast Asian climates.

Fun Fact:

Lentinus Edodes mushrooms have a savory, meaty-like taste and texture and are loaded in nutrients like copper, vitamin D, and B vitamins; making them a valuable staple in the vegan diet.

Trametes Versicolor


  • Trametes Versicolor improves immune function by stimulating cytokine production, increasing natural killer cells and other immune-boosting functions.
  • Trametes Versicolor contains one of the highest amounts of beta-glucans of all mushrooms to help keep our immune systems healthy when used over an extended period of time.

Where it grows:

Trametes Versicolor can be found on dead or wounded hardwood trees like oak in the US, Canada, and UK.

Fun Fact:

Trametes Versicolor got its pseudonym because of its many colors that makes it look like a Trametes Versicolor.

The M²CBD formula

We’ve supercharged CBD by combining it with functional mushrooms to create our own unique formula: M²CBD. This formula simultaneously targets the body’s endocannabinoid and immune systems to boost your health on all fronts.

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