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Can You Drink Too Much Chaga Tea?

Chaga is a functional mushroom with numerous benefits that can be consumed in tea form, but can you drink too much Chaga tea, and how much is too much?

Joel Taylor - writer and editor for Cannabotech
By Joel Taylor
Kelli Harris
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Updated April 14, 2023.

Chaga—also known by the colloquial name of "black mass"—is a type of functional fungus commonly brewed into a tea or dissolved into a cup of coffee. Chaga has many health benefits, but are there any risks associated with drinking too much Chaga tea, and how much is too much?

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How Much Chaga Tea Should You Drink Per Day?

Although there are no recommended guidelines for the optimal dose of Chaga mushrooms per day, most people start by adding a scoop of powdered Chaga mushroom to their morning cup of coffee or brewing a pot of tea with fresh or dried Chaga. Consuming Chaga in this way won't have as much bioavailability as consuming tinctures sublingually, but it can be an easy addition to your routine.

That being said, even drinking 2-3 cups of Chaga tea a day should be safe as the risk of side effects is reportedly low. Most studies use doses of less than 5g/day, which is pretty difficult to exceed when consumed in tea form.

Risks of Drinking Too Much Chaga Tea

Unlike other functional mushrooms, studies have found Chaga to contain higher levels of oxalates than other functional mushroom species, which is a potentially harmful derivative of oxalic acid that increases your risk of:

  • Gout
  • Kidney stones
  • Chronic kidney disease (in extreme cases)

It needs to be stated that these side effects are rare when regular amounts of Chaga tea are consumed daily. Essentially, if you consume too much of any one substance, Chaga tea included, you are at risk for various health conditions. Some other side effects of overconsumption of mushrooms in general include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Upset stomach

To stay on the safe side, limit yourself to one or two cups of Chaga tea per day and monitor yourself closely for side effects.