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Why is CBD so expensive?

Asked 3 years ago

Samuel Njoroge

Monday, June 07, 2021

Price is one of the factors you should consider before you purchase a CBD product. But it's important you understand that high prices don't necessarily mean you are buying a quality product.

Some reasons may lead to high prices of CBD products product and they include:

  • Method of CBD extraction - with several extraction methods available, CO2 extraction is preferred as it produces a clean, stable compound. But it's important you understand that use of CO2 is the most costly technique, which may lead to high pricing to cater to the high production cost.
  • Labor- CBD extraction is a labour-intensive process. This may lead to high pricing of CBD to cater to this time-consuming process.

Avik Das

Monday, July 12, 2021

CBD is expensive because it comes from the cannabis plant which is not easy to cultivate. Also, given the restriction on cannabis plants in different states and countries, it is not like any other plants. Moreover, the extraction process of CBD from the plant is not an easy process, as it requires skilled labor and techniques.

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