About Us

We’re on a mission to reframe wellness and improve people’s lives through botanical science. We believe that prevention is the key to our health and well-being. The immune system is the most important preventative shield, and its resilience is the key to enabling us to live a normal, healthy life. Three factors provide us with a healthy immune system: good sleep quality, relaxation, and good nutrition.

Our approach focuses on preventative care through wellness maintenance and a holistic lifestyle. Our range of products is predicated on, and includes products that contribute to the function of the body’s systems.

We’re dedicated to putting effective, preventative care solutions into everyone’s hands. Our Lab of world-leading scientists, doctors and researchers in their respective fields, has brought over a decade of research to develop our breakthrough formulations - to bring balance to the most common wellness and health stresses. Our collective experience in academic and clinical research, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, food supplements and medical experience ensures that you can trust our evidence-based solutions for your well-being.

Cannabotech got its start when Elchanan Shaked, our founder, was traveling to Nepal, where he observed local farmers extracting medicinal plants and mushrooms from the local land. This sparked his curiosity to further research the high demand for various types of mushrooms, and their powerful health and wellness benefits. He connected with Professor Wasser - a highly esteemed mycologist with over 40 years of medicinal mushroom research. The two worked together with leading scientists, CBD experts and pharmaceutical leaders to formulate a potent and effective blend of premium CBD oil with functional mushrooms - the basis for the Cannabotech products, backed by over a decade of research.

A Focus on Preventative Care

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Benjamin Franklin

During his decade in Asia, our Founder observed that Eastern cultures were taking exceptional measures to nourish and protect their bodies and minds - through a preventative care approach. This is a foundational pillar of Cannabotech. To prevent future illness, the key is a robust and resilient immune system. We merge a preventative care approach, combined with the latest advancements in science and technology. We aim to promote the body’s natural ability to restore balance, to help prevent poor health from manifesting. We do this by bringing together the ancient wisdom of botanicals, the power of modern science, and a new holistic approach. We combine the latest technology and scientific research to provide consumers with a personalised wellness approach.

Complementing our unique M2CBD-based botanicals is the My Being™ approach to health, which calls for bolstering the effects of products with the right routines and behaviors. Facilitating this approach is the My Being™ app which creates, personalises, and delivers AI-powered recommendations to guide you on your journey to better health.

You deserve to be in control of your health today and tomorrow.

The Cannabotech Solution

When you bring all this together – ground-breaking formulation technology, the combination of functional mushrooms with premium CBD - together with the My Being™ approach and app (which recommends personalised wellness routines), you get the Cannabotech Solution, which empowers you to minimise the impact of stress and improve your sleep so you can boost your immune system and live a better,
healthier, and happier life.

  • Dr. Dov Melamed

    Dov Melamed is a research scientist with over 15 years of experience in Biopharma. Most notable, he was a researcher at Bar Ilan's Male Fertility Clinic and QBI. He completed his Ph.D. in Biotechnology at Bar-Ilan University.

  • Dr. Basem Fares

    Basam Fares received his Ph.D. in Oncology and Cancer Biology from the Faculty of Medicine in the Technion Institute of Technology. He is a cancer researcher at the Rambam Oncology Department and a research assistant at Mount Carmel Hospital and Prolor Biotech.

  • Dr. Efrat Oron

    Efrat Oron is a molecular biologist, with an MSc and PhD from Tel-Aviv University. She completed her post-doctoral research on embryonic stem cells at Yale University. She has been an associate research scientist at the University of California and a scientific advisor at the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office “Mimshak” fellow.

  • Prof. Fuad Fares

    Fuad Fares is a world-renowned biologist and pharmacologist. He is the founder & director of the Department of Molecular Genetics at Carmel Medical Center and associate professor in the Department of Human Biology at Haifa University

  • Prof. Yuval Heled

    Yuval Heled Ph.D., LLB, is a physiologist and scientist. He is a world-class expert in integrative physiology and physiology of effort, in the study of metabolic processes, and in disease prevention. He is a Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  • Prof. Haim Lutan

    Haim Lotan is a prominent world figure in cardiology. He is the director of cardiology at Hadassah University Hospital, former president of the Israel Cardiology Association, and founder of the Israeli Department of Invasive Cardiology