A Science-Backed, Preventative Care Approach.

Our lab of world-leading scientists and researchers in their respective fields, has brought over a decade of research to develop our breakthrough formulations - to bring balance to the most common wellness and health stresses.

We believe that prevention is the key to our health and well-being. Our immune system is the most important preventative shield, and its resilience is the key to enabling us to live a normal, healthy life. Three factors provide us with a healthy immune system: good sleep quality, relaxation, and good nutrition. Our approach focuses on preventative care through wellness maintenance and a holistic lifestyle. Our range of products is predicated on, and includes products that contribute to the function of the body’s systems.




Pioneers in combining functional mushrooms with CBD:

We combine these potent ingredients together, to give a synergistic effect - having a better effect as opposed to consuming each ingredient on its own. This combination is now known as M2CBD, our one-of-a-kind and patent-pending formula that can be found in all of our products; bringing balance to the body’s systems, for wellness today and tomorrow.


Proven Results:

Real Science. Real Results.

Loved and used by thousands.


Approach to Optimising CBD Bioavailability:

We use a proven, wet granulation technology making CBD, 3x more soluble and bioavailable (more easily used and absorbed by the body) in our supplements. This increases CBD’s availability, meaning that after ingestion, 82% of the CBD got released, bioavailable and therefore utilised in the body from the supplements.


Patented Functional Mushrooms, not all mushroom extracts are created equal:

We use scientifically-proven, high efficacy functional mushroom extracts, which are unique only to us. They are tested meticulously and proven for their wellness-promoting properties. We quality-test and ensure we have at least 30% active ingredients (Polysaccharides) in each mushroom extract. While most companies focus on extracting the fruiting bodies of the mushrooms, we use the untapped potential of the submerged culture - mycelium, proven for efficacy in studies.

We meticulously select 17 varieties of mushrooms (including Lion's Mane, Shiitake, Reishi and others) proven for their wellness benefits.


Unique, dual extraction method for our mushroom extracts:

Our drop (tincture) products contain Reishi (Ganoderma) alcohol extract, and not just water extract (like many other brands use). This extract is much more expensive, but has unique advantages - including immunity benefits, and antioxidative properties.


Our Data-Driven, Science-Backed My Being Face Scan App:

Which creates, personalises, and delivers AI-powered wellness recommendations to guide you on your journey to better well-being. (App shown to have 99% results accuracy)


We focus not only on polysaccharides & beta glucans, but also sought after Ganoderic Acid - which has been shown to have immunity & anti-inflammation benefits.


Ongoing scientific research and development which ensures continuous advancements

“I'm passionate about helping people foster their own holistic health and wellness, which is why when I stumbled across Cannabotech's unique functional mushrooms, CBD supplements and skincare, it felt like a perfect it for my mission. I am really impressed with the formulas and high quality of the products.”

Dr. Naomi Newman-Beinart, PhD, MSc, BSc