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VapingLung Safety and the Effects of Vaping CBDVaping CBD is one of the most popular forms of delivery. However, it may not be “smoking,” but it does come with its own unique risks. Vaping has been linked to several thousand cases of lung illnesses, and almost 70 people have died from EVALI (e-cigarette and vaping-associated lung injury). » Find the perfect CBD remedy for your condition - take this short quiz Harmful E-Liquid Ingredients Illicit CBD e-liquids can contain synthetic marijuana, chemicals, or vitamin E acetate. Some CBD vape liquids use carrier oils such as MCT, which are safe for consumption but not safe to vape. You need to make sure that you buy a quality vape pen and liquid from a reputable store and learn how to use it properly. Using low-quality, modified vape pens that over-heat the e-liquid can be detrimental to your health. Therefore, you must know how to recognize good quality vaporizers and e-liquid when you see them. The Risks of Vaping CBD In rare cases, people can get popcorn lung from vaping low-quality CBD. The vitamin E acetate in low-quality e-liquid is linked to this popcorn lung disease and other EVALI. Coughing from vaping could also be a symptom of it. If you’re coughing after vaping CBD, you could be using CBD vape liquid containing ingredients not suitable for your lungs. If you find yourself coughing when vaping, check your e-liquid and the quality of your vape pen. Are There Regulations for CBD Vape Juice? Consumable CBD is regulated, but as e-liquid is not “consumed,” vaping regulations are unclear. Companies can get away with selling inferior or harmful CBD vape liquids containing unsafe ingredients. If you decide to vape CBD despite the risks, get your e-liquid from a dispensary where the products are guaranteed to be safe. Conclusion It is the act of vaping and any harmful ingredients added to the e-liquid, rather than the CBD, that is dangerous. It comes with risks, and it is not necessarily the best delivery method. Although further research is necessary to learn more about the effect of vaping on the lungs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends against it.
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VapingWhy Vaping CBD Makes You Cough and How to Stop ItWith the growing popularity of vape culture, many people are turning to this route to get their CBD fix. However, it's not common to experience a sore throat or coughing at some time. Coughing after vaping CBD is a common side effect, especially for novice vapers, including those already used to cannabis smoking. Before we address the reasons why CBD is making you cough, we must first address another question: Is vaping CBD safe? A simple question with a more complicated answer. Inhaling anything into your lungs (smoke or vapour) is definitely not recommended, and you shouldn't start if you don't already do it. However, if you do vape CBD already, you can take a little solace in the fact that it's not quite as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. If you do vape CBD and it hurts your throat or causes you to cough, it's a good idea to sort this problem out as fast as possible. A sore throat and coughing are pretty strong indicators of inflammation, which can aggravate the progression of a variety of respiratory illnesses. Reasons That CBD Is Making You Cough 1. Vape Juice Ingredients CBD is not necessarily the reason why you cough after vaping. In most cases, other cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant might be the reason. This is especially the case when consuming broad or full-spectrum CBD vape liquids. Terpenes are known to irritate the throat, which might lead to coughing. Besides terpenes, other ingredients like Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) can cause allergic reactions in some people and aggravate the airways. 2. Dehydration Although vaping involves inhaling vapour, which are water molecules suspended in air, it may still cause your throat to get dry and lead to coughing. The PG content in your juice might draw out most of the moisture when you are vaping CBD, causing a dry throat. 4. Underlying Health Issues Having underlying health issues (both cardiovascular and respiratory in nature) could also lead to coughing when vaping. If this is the reason for your coughing, you should stop vaping immediately. How to Stop Coughing While Vaping Depending on why vaping makes you cough, any of these solutions might help: New vapers might need time to adjust.Choose pure hemp extract CBD e-liquid.Use only lab-tested, high-quality CBD e-liquids.Try using different inhalation techniques (slower or shorter). Conclusion As you can see, there are various reasons why vaping may make you cough. Hopefully the above solutions will help you continue vaping CBD without coughing in order to enjoy its potential benefits.
How Much CBD Oil Should You Vape?
VapingHow Much CBD Oil Should You Vape?The proliferation of vape culture has grown alongside that of CBD products, and so it would make sense that the two would become entwined at some stage. We have now come to a point where you can purchase CBD e-liquids in almost any store that sells either CBD or vaping products. Before we get into figuring out how much CBD oil you should vape, it's important to note that, although it is perceived as healthier than either cigarettes or even vaping nicotine, inhaling anything into your lungs that isn't air (or medication applied through a nebuliser/inhaler) could aggravate your airways and lead to inflammation and breathing problems. If you want to try CBD and don't already vape, consider using safer methods. Disclaimer aside, we can now discuss the ins and outs of vaping CBD. Bioavailability of Vaping CBD Probably the main reason why so many people advocate for vaping CBD is due to its relatively high bioavailability compared to other methods. Bioavailability is the amount of raw substance that your body can absorb into the bloodstream. Where vaping CBD sits at around 50%, ingested methods can be as low as <10%. The trade-off for the high bioavailability and faster-acting effect is that the duration of the effect will be much shorter. CBD Oil Is Not E-Juice When deciding on a vaping product, it's important to note that you cannot just add regular CBD oil into a vape pen and expect it to work. Aside from the potential danger, CBD oil is not the same as e-juice and would simply not work in a vaporiser. CBD oil is for oral consumption, e-juice is for vaping. Estimate Your CBD Dosage Based on Your Body Weight The golden rule when it comes to dosing CBD is that you should start small and work your way up, and this varies depending on a number of factors. People with more bodyweight would naturally be able to handle more of the substance than smaller people. As to calculating the actual dosage, CBD e-liquids will have a label on the bottle that will indicate the total mg of CBD contained. Bottles of the same size could have any amount of CBD inside, depending on the concentration. The difficulty in calculating the vape dosage comes from not having a uniform parameter with which to measure. Different from swallowing an edible that will have X amount of CBD inside, with vaping, you have to estimate how much CBD is in an inhaled dose. Experts generally recommend that one "serving" of vape juice would be equivalent to around a 3-second inhale. Using this info, you can divide the total mg of CBD listed on the bottle by the number of "servings" they suggest in order to get a rough dosage of CBD per 3-second pull. A Final Thought As stated earlier, you shouldn't opt for vaping CBD unless you are already a vaper as it could cause problems to your breathing. In addition, you should also always consult your doctor before incorporating CBD into your life - especially if you are on other medication - as they can give you some more insight into the potential risks.
What You Need to Know About Vaping CBD
VapingWhat You Need to Know About Vaping CBDVaping is not something new. It has been around for more than a decade, but it has gained increased popularity in recent years as laws on cannabis continue to change in the UK and worldwide. That being the case, different products have flooded the market, making it hard for consumers to choose the right products for their bodies. Below we take you through the crucial things you need to know about vaping CBD. What Is a Vapouriser? A vapouriser is a device that permits CBD users to vapourise cannabis instead of smoking it, offering a discrete way to consume it. It contains a battery that helps power the atomiser, heating the coils or wicks to vapourise the vape product without combustion. As a result, the liquid or concentrate is turned into a vapour that is easy to inhale and enter the bloodstream. Is Vaping CBD Safe? Cases of people getting sick or, worse, dying after using low-quality vape products are not uncommon. There has also been the question of whether vaping is safe for your lungs. However, you can avoid most of this problem by only buying vape products from reputable suppliers. Ideally, you should only buy legal lab-tested products to reduce the chances of using substandard vape products. Which CBD Products Can You Vape? CBD users have different options for vaping CBD. For one, you may decide to go for CBD e-liquids (these can either be flavourless or flavoured). Other options are CBD oil and CBD concentrate products like CBD isolate. It is important to note that not all CBD oil products are designed for inhalation. As such, you should only vape products that are meant for vapourisation to avoid bodily harm. Vaping CBD Oil vs. CBD Flower Vaping CBD provides different experiences depending on how you consume it. For instance, vaping CBD flower will give a dose with less CBD concentration than CBD oil. However, since it hasn’t lost any cannabinoids, terpenes, or other active ingredients through extraction, it provides a complete experience. On the other hand, CBD oil provides a higher concentration of CBD because the compound is extracted. Some companies add terpenes to the CBD oil after the extraction process to improve the flavor. Both the oil and the flower will provide the therapeutic properties of CBD. However, CBD oil remains the easiest and discreet method of consuming CBD. Conclusion It's no surprise that vaping has gained popularity, especially for its convenience and the theory that it can provide fast relief from sudden panic attacks, anxiety, and pain. However, to ensure your safety, always look for high-quality products from reputable suppliers.