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What Is the Best Time of Day to Take Lion’s Mane?

Joel Taylor - writer and editor for Cannabotech
By Joel Taylor
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Updated September 20, 2023.

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Lion's Mane mushrooms are often touted for the surprising number of potential health benefits that they present. From improving your cognitive function to reducing oxidative stress, it seems that there is a supposed benefit to every situation. But if these mushrooms can supposedly reduce fatigue to give you an energising boost as well as battle insomnia to improve the quality of your sleep, when should you take Lion's Mane?

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Does the Form of Lion's Mane Matter?

Essentially, the form of Lion's Mane doesn't make a difference to the benefits you'll experience other than the concentration of the product that you're consuming (assuming that the product has been properly prepared to have the maximum potential bioavailability). So, whether you are taking powdered Lion's Mane mushroom extract in the form of supplements or cooking the fresh mushrooms into food, as long as the concentrations are the same, the benefits will follow suit.

The only factor that could determine a change in the form of Lion's Mane that you decide to take is personal preference. Some people enjoy the taste of Lion's Mane and might want to incorporate them into a meal. However, fresh Lion's Mane isn't the easiest thing to find, and some people prefer the ease of swallowing a tablet over having to cook a meal.

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How Quickly Does Lion’s Mane Take to Work?

One factor that plays a part in determining the optimum time of day to take Lion's Mane is how long it takes to feel the effects. If they're instantaneous, then it should be alright to take Lion's Mane before bed, but if they take longer to work, then it might be better to take them in the morning.

Unfortunately, the problem with this question is that the answer is totally different to what you might expect. The benefits of Lion's Mane don't happen immediately after the substance has been digested in the way that pharmaceutical drugs work. They happen as a gradual accumulation over a longer period of time. Although you may experience some minor initial improvements in focus, it's more likely that you'll have to wait a few weeks before you start experiencing these benefits.

Should You Take Lion’s Mane in the Morning?

Many people agree that the morning is the best time of day to take Lion's Mane. Despite the fact that Lion's Mane mushrooms may help with sleep, this effect is primarily due to the mushroom's ability to help your body regulate your circadian rhythm, as well as a decrease to oxidative stress and inflammation, and not that the mushrooms necessarily make you sleepy.

Instead, most of the health benefits of Lion's Mane are understood to be related to cognitive function and brain health, leading to improvements in memory and focus. This means that the isolated benefits you experience from that particular dosage of Lion's Mane would be best utilised in the morning to reduce brain fog throughout the day, which will then follow into a night of better quality sleep.

Can You Take Lion’s Mane At Night?

Even though the general consensus is that you will benefit the most from Lion's Mane mushrooms if taken in the morning, that's not to say you can't take them in the evening as well. Lion's Mane may improve brain fog and cognitive functioning, but it doesn't delay or prevent sleep in the same way that caffeine or other stimulants do.

If the primary reason for wanting to take Lion's Mane is to combat sleep issues, then you should be alright to experiment with taking it before bed and seeing how it affects you in the long term.

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How Often Should You Take Lion’s Mane?

After discussing the best time of day to take Lion's Mane, the final thing you have to consider is how often you should be taking it. Since the benefits are meant to accumulate over time, experts recommend taking this supplement daily for the best possible results long-term.

And, since the risk of experiencing side effects from Lion's Mane mushrooms is quite low and that they appear to be very safe, you have some leeway to experiment and determine the best time of day that works for you. Everyone is different, so your results and optimal method won't be completely identical to the next person.