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What is the best way to take Lion's mane before bed for sleep?

Asked 3 years ago

I want to use Lion's mane to help with my insomnia. Would you recommend it as a powder, tea, extract, or any other method? Also, what would you say is the best time of day to take Lion's mane?

Joel Taylor

Joel Taylor

Saturday, August 21, 2021

While you can take Lion's Mane at night before bed and not necessarily suffer any negative effects, it's recommended that you take them in the morning due to their energising effect. Lion's Mane might help with your insomnia, but the process is not immediate and you may only experience the benefits of this medicinal mushroom after about a month of use.

As for the method, it doesn't really matter how you take Lion's Mane for sleep, just so long as you give yourself the time to find what works for you. Most people prefer mixing some Lion's Mane powder into their coffee in the morning.

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Roscoe Ramirez

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Lion's mane has many incredible benefits to make you healthier every day. As it comes in different forms, it might be hard to choose. The best way to take Lion's mane is by powder or through tea. If you take it in either form for sleep, you should be able to get all good the benefits. And both forms are easy to take.

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