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Do you drink CBD-infused coffee?

Asked 3 years ago

Hello, Has anyone ever tried CBD-infused coffee before? Any recommendations would be great, thank you!

Avik Das

Monday, May 03, 2021

The popularity of CBD in recent years has allowed it to consume in different forms. We know that CBD is widely taken in the form of oil, also known as CBD oil. Besides the oil version, there are gummies, vapes, capsules that many people consume. But there are also CBD-infused coffees, which are getting popular nowadays, and many coffee lovers are opting for it since you can get the caffeine as well as the benefits of CBD.

After trying CBD-infused coffee, it must be said that CBD-infused coffee is one of the easiest ways to get CBD in your system. First of all, CBD is a natural substance that has no or little side effects on the human body according to claims of many experts. After daily consumption of CBD within the limited dose of recommendation, you can see incredible results while dealing with mental health problems like anxiety, depression, or day-to-day stress in life. Also, being anti-inflammatory, CBD helps to provide relief from pain. With all those benefits, when you combine coffee with CBD in CBD-infused coffee, it turns out to be an amazing combination. On one side the caffeine would help you with alertness and better brain function, while the properties in CBD would become a remedy for your above-mentioned issues. Therefore, if you are thinking of trying CBD-infused coffee, then absolutely go for it without a shadow of a doubt.

Now, the question might arise which brand to choose from while buying CBD-infused coffee. In all honesty, more or less all reputed companies produce quality CBD-infused coffees, but you need to make sure to check the ingredients and the CBD dose in a particular brand. Let's take a look at some good CBD infused coffee brand you can opt for:

1) Cheerful Buddha

Cheerful Buddha is one of the popular CBD-infused coffee brands in the United Kingdom. They have a delicious variant of CBD flavors such as 'Handcrafted Bean to Bar' and 'Arabica Colombian Blend'. Furthermore, their coffees are well within a budget.

2) Green Roads Coffee

Well, Green Roads is an expensive brand, but you can be assured about their superior quality. With the coffee beans coming from Colombia, this brand offers CBD coffees in various flavors.

3) Willies Remedy

Willies Remedy is another top-quality CBD-infused coffee brand. They use coffee beans from Colombia and Nicaragua. They use full-spectrum CBD oil, which makes it even better.

4) Starva Craft Coffee

Starva Craft is a popular brand in this market due to its amazing flavors, cost-effectiveness, and quality. Their coffee beans are derived from Colombia, and they sell whole beans as well as medium ground beans. With 10 mg of CBD in every serving, the price tag isn't very high either.

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