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How does CBD oil affect my menstrual cycle?

Asked 2 years ago

I am wondering how using CBD oil for menstrual cramps could affect my period. Basically, will CBD oil affect my estrogen and other hormone levels at all? What about the potential of CBD affecting my ovulation? I generally get quite severe and painful periods and want to use a natural remedy (like CBD oil) instead of painkillers for my PMS symptoms.

Joel Taylor

Friday, September 10, 2021

While it is not commonly known whether CBD does affect the menstrual cycle or not, many are claiming that it doesn't. However, there are some studies that suggest that CBD and the menstrual cycle may actually be related. The listed study found fairly strong evidence that CBD could be used to regulate LH (Luteinizing hormone) and ovulation.

While this doesn't necessarily mean that using CBD oil for relief from menstrual cramps will throw your cycle out the window and cause further problems, it does suggest caution. Essentially, you won't know how much CBD can affect your particular period until you try it, which is why you should always chat to a doctor if you have any concerns regarding your menstrual cycle and safety. This is especially true if you have irregular periods to begin with.

Avik Das

Friday, September 10, 2021

The answer is no, CBD will not affect menstrual cramps in your body regardless of your age. CBD never interferes with your hormones, It only plays a crucial part in managing the female hormone menstrual cycle body fluids. While you might get period side effects like headache, muscle aches, bloating, and joint pain, but CBD won't affect the menstrual cycle.

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