Which Is Stronger: Vaping CBD or Oral Ingestion? - Cannabotech CBD Questions & Answers

Which Is Stronger: Vaping CBD or Oral Ingestion?

Read and learn which method of CBD consumption has the better effect, Vaping or oral ingestion, and why? Find the differences between the two simply explained.

By Samuel Njoroge
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Updated April 14, 2023.

There are several ways of consuming CBD, including:

  • Oral consumption
  • Topical application
  • Vaping

Each of these delivery methods has a specific absorption rate, influencing the intensity of their effects. Here we look at ingesting vs. vaping CBD to determine which has the strongest effects.

Ingesting CBD

Orally consumed CBD must undergo a digestion process before it can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

The process tends to filter out a considerable amount of CBD, forcing you to consume a large amount to experience the same effects compared to vaping.

Although it may take some time (up to 30 minutes) before you experience the effects, orally consumed CBD may offer long-lasting effects.


Studies suggest that, after vaping, CBD is directly absorbed by the alveoli tissues in your lung.

It may have a higher bioavailability rate compared to oral consumption as the CBD is in direct contact with your bloodstream. Therefore, you will need a smaller volume of the compound to experience the same effects.

Although inhalation offers faster effects, the effects may only last for a shorter period.

Bottom line

Depending on why you are taking CBD, you may ingest or vape. If you want faster CBD effects, vaping may be best for you. On the other hand, you may opt to ingest CBD orally if you need it to last longer.