Can I Take CBD Oil or Vape CBD While on Citalopram (Antidepressants)? - Cannabotech CBD Questions & Answers

Can I Take CBD Oil or Vape CBD While on Citalopram (Antidepressants)?

Are you struggling with depression and wondering if you can take CBD or smoke CBD flower while on Citalopram or other antidepressants? Read this article to find out.

By Alex Saez
Edited by Avner Greenwald

Updated April 6, 2023.

CBD is considered safe for consumption, and even the World Health Organization backs this up. But, we later found it can cause issues with some medications, specifically ones broken down by the P450 liver enzyme family.

Below we focus specifically on whether CBD interacts with Citalopram.

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Can CBD Interfere With Antidepressants Such as Citalopram?

Citalopram is an anti-depressant that relies on the same enzyme as many SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). Mixing these with CBD is known to elevate the drug levels in your bloodstream, which can cause serious or even dangerous side effects.

We don't know if CBD interacts with all antidepressants, but it seems to have issues with many - if not most.

Can I Smoke CBD While Taking Antidepressants?

In recent years, CBD have taken off with regular smokers. However, there's the question of whether you can consume CBD while on antidepressants if you smoke or vape it?

The simple answer is "yes," the legal answer is "No."

Unlike oral CBD, inhaled products go straight through the lungs into your bloodstream. This bypasses the liver entirely, making it safe. However, smoking CBD is not advised as it is illegal in the U.K.

In the End

CBD doesn't mix well with antidepressants when ingested. However, you can still use it through vaping since there's no interaction with the liver.

That being said, keep in mind that this isn't medical advice, and we advise you to speak to a doctor before trying CBD when on Citalopram or any other antidepressant.