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Menopause Symptoms: Can I Manage It With CBD Oil Instead of HRT?

Are you a woman that's tired of hormone replacement therapy and wonder if you can use CBD to manage menopause symptoms instead? Read this post to find out.

By Ashley Danielle
Petar Milenkovic - Editor for Cannabotech
Edited by Petar Milenkovic

Updated April 14, 2023.

CBD has become a popular alternative treatment to hormone replacement therapy. Some people may find it effective for the relief of menopause symptoms, such as anxiety, sleeplessness, joint pains, and mood swings. Let's take a look at how it may help you.

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How CBD Oil May Help With Menopause

It is suggested that CBD has calming effects on sleep, mood, and anxiety. It may ease hot flashes and improve bone density by balancing hormonal changes of menopause.

During menopause, the estrogen levels in the body are affected the most. Even the slightest changes in oestrogen levels can have a dramatic effect, and treatment with CBD may help regulate the levels of estrogen and restore balance.

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Using CBD to Help With Sleep During Menopause

Some women experience difficulties with sleep due to menopausal symptoms. It may be possible to treat these symptoms with CBD. According to this 2020 medical review, endocannabinoids play a big role in the sleep-wake cycle.

The results suggest that higher doses of CBD can have a sedating effect. CBD might help relax your body and mind to sleep better.

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Finding Your CBD Dosage for Menopause

As you can not overdose with CBD, it is safe to adjust your minimum and maximum dosage according to your body type and symptoms. The recommended daily dosage, according to UK guidelines, is 40mg -70mg daily, depending on metabolism and body weight.

Always start low and gradually increase the dosage to see the effects. If the daily dose of CBD oil prescribed is not effective, it should be increased by 10mg each week until effects take place.

Friendly Reminder

Talk to your doctor before completely replacing your HRTs. We also recommend keeping a journal about your CBD dosages and reactions.