What Do I Need to Know Before Buying CBD Oil? - Cannabotech CBD Questions & Answers

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying CBD Oil?

CBD might be able to bring you relief from certain symptoms, but always talk to your doctor before trying CBD. Only buy quality CBD and start with a low dose.

By Petal Mashraki
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published May 14, 2021.

Always talk to your doctor before trying CBD for the first time. If you are on any medication, it could have a negative interaction with CBD. Next, you need to educate yourself. Read up about CBD, and check out online reviews. Always buy CBD from a respected, regulated, and legal CBD company.

Buy quality CBD

  • The label should tell you how much CBD is in the bottle.
  • The product should have been tested by an independent laboratory, and the test results should be made public.
  • Good CBD is extracted from naturally grown hemp.
  • Quality CBD is extracted using the supercritical CO2 method.
  • If it is too cheap to be true, it probably is!

Find Your Dosage

Start low and go slow. Start with a low dose (5-10mg CBD), and
after about a week, if there is no change in your condition, increase the dosage a little ( 5mg) until you get results.

Know the Delivery Methods

CBD comes in several forms: vape, capsules, CBD oil, edibles, and topicals. Choose a relevant delivery method to suit your needs. If you have skin issues try a topical cream; if you need light relief, use edibles, or need quick results, try vaping. CBD oil is usually the go-to method for most conditions.