What Is the Best Way to Start Taking CBD Oil for Better Sleep? - Cannabotech CBD Questions & Answers

What Is the Best Way to Start Taking CBD Oil for Better Sleep?

The best way to start taking CBD oil for better sleep depends on a few things. Learn all need about the best oil for insomnia, how to get started, dosing, and more.

By Alex Saez
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published July 23, 2021.

A lot of people use CBD for sleep issues - and for good reason. Although research is still ongoing, CBD users swear by this oil as a way to help with insomnia symptoms.

So what makes the best CBD sleep aid? It all depends on your symptoms and desired results.

What Kind of CBD Oil Is Best for Sleep Problems?

Choosing the best CBD for insomnia requires a bit of oil-related knowledge. There are three options, each with advantages and disadvantages.

CBD goes through an extraction process before being suspended in oil, edibles, vapes, etc. There are different methods, with some more complicated (and effective) than others. The final product, can be full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate, depending on which compounds it retains.

CBD Dosage for Insomnia

CBD dosage is something we barely understand. We need a lot more research before any specific dosing guidelines can exist.

One roadblock is CBD's behavior. Contrary to what you may think, higher CBD doses don't mean you'll get better results. Taking too much CBD is as useless as having too little - something known as "U-shaped dose-response."

So if we don't know how much we need, how do you know the right CBD dosage for insomnia or anything else? This part is actually pretty easy.

Start Low and Go Slow

"Start low and go slow" originally referred to THC, but the same rings true with CBD. With THC, the aim is to avoid getting too high. In CBD's case, you want to avoid exceeding the "sweet spot" dose. Guidelines might vary depending on who you ask, but the lower and slower you go, the better your experience will be.

We'll go through an example process. Just follow these quick steps:

  1. Purchase a CBD oil with 10mg/ml of CBD (for ease of measurement).
  2. Using the dropper, measure 1/4 to 1/3 of a dropper.
  3. Drop the oil under your tongue, hold for 60-90 seconds and swallow.
  4. Consume once daily (preferably with food) 30 minutes to one hour before bed.
  5. Increase the dose by a 1 ml drop every week until you notice an improvement


Don't see improvement right away? No problem. It can take days or weeks before CBD builds up in your system. Things like age, body fat, size, and sex all affect how much CBD you need. Yes, it's a long process, but tens of thousands of people will tell you it's well worth it.

There's no guarantee, but if you start taking CBD oil correctly, there's a very strong chance that you'll see positive results.