How To Increase Focus, Cognitive Function, & Concentration, Naturally.

How To Increase Focus, Cognitive Function, & Concentration, Naturally.

Back To School Week 

How To Increase Focus, Cognitive Function, & Concentration In A Natural Way In TheAcademic Year? 

September 1, 2022

Academic year in the UK  including universities, colleges start on 1st September. Some will start slightly later; however universities could be starting as late as the end of the month. The change imposed on us can be nerve-wrecking after being at home or on vacation after many weeks.


 Use your posture to feel alert, poised, and ready. Research shows that the way we hold our bodies has a tangible impact on our mood and energy levels. Specifically, a tall upright spine and broad chest help us feel more energized and optimistic. Try the ‘Mountain Breath’ yoga practice to beat mind fog: start standing tall with your feet hip-width apart, arms down by your sides, and soft gaze forwards. As you breathe in, raise your arms out to the sides and up overhead, palms touching, looking up. As you breathe out, palms facing downwards, slowly lower your arms back down by your sides and look forwards. Take 10 mountain breaths, feeling the zest and presence it cultivates.

Suzy Reading, Cannabotech's Psychology Expert

Short-Term Memory Loss, Energy Slump, Feeling Sluggish or Groggy, Lack of Concentration & Mood Swings - The List Goes On

Whether you work or study or both, you may find that you forget some information which was important to remember, that you are not as alert as you should be, perhaps you have the usual 2- 3-4pm afternoon slumps when you need a boost or pick-me up for the rest of the day. If you are feeling sleepy, yawning constantly after your lunch, feeling lethargic or sluggish, then you can benefit from some mood, cognitive and energy enhancing natural products like Cannabotech’s Boost drops combining the aforementioned CBD and functional mushrooms. They will help you feel energised, revitalised, and boosted, ready for any challenge that you will face in your day. 

Boost drops are in line with Cannabotech’s preventative approach to the body. Even if you aren’t sure you need them, you can take them as a way to prevent the feelings of fatigue, tiredness and lack of enthusiasm emerging throughout your day.

What Is A Nootropic And How To Use It To Increase Our Brain And Cognitive Power?

First, we need to become familiar with the term nootropic. Why? Because in years to come we will hear more and more about these powerful as nature intended or synthetic ingredients. Nootropics improve brain function. They can be referred to as memory boosters, neuro- or cognitive enhancers. They increase memory, learning ability, mood, focus and cognitive functions. The term ‘noo’ derived from Greek meaning mind and “tropic” meaning to bend. Examples of nootropics are functional mushrooms, CBD, caffeine, matcha green tea, fish oil - including omega-3s like DHA, but also B vitamins to mention a few.  Some can be synthetic and have stronger effects and pose more risks to your health. A few examples of these are diet pills, amphetamines, nicotine, and Caffedrine. The best ones are natural, non-toxic and non-addictive like our functional mushrooms and CBD oil .

2 Nootropics In One Is Better Than None Alone 😊

Here at Cannabotech, we only advocate the natural forms therefore we combine 2 kinds of nootropics (cognitive- & brain-enhancers) in our products: functional mushrooms and CBD oil . The latter is an FSA approved CBD (without the THC so it’s safe and allowed for oral consumption). Above the age of 18, you can certainly use these to heighten your mood, memory, focus and cognition. If you are on medication, please consult with your doctor first. 

So, what can you do about them?

Simple Answers To Combat Tiredness, Fatigue, Moods Swings, Lack Of Focus & Concentration

  • Increasing protein, reducing sugar, having a glass of water after caffeine
  • As a matter of fact, there is plenty that you can do. You can start from the simple things such  as  increasing your protein intake to reducing your carbohydrate (sugar, simple & artificial sugars like white bread, white pasta, biscuits, cakes, sweets, etc) consumption. Another one is increasing your hydration (water, herbal & fruit teas, smoothies, soups, broths, etc.) If you are a frequent coffee or black tea drinker, this is the time to do what Italians do perfectly, have a glass of water after every cup of coffee, black tea or espresso to rehydrate your body. Excessive amounts cause more urination and therefore dehydration.  

  • Use Functional Mushrooms & CBD Oil To Naturally Boost Your Body (Alertness, Tiredness, Focus, Mood swings)
  • Another way of boosting your energy levels, making you more alert is to use these 2 cognitive-enhancers or nootropics to tackle whatever lies ahead. We know that functional mushrooms have been used for centuries in Asia for their therapeutic effects. What’s prevalent too, that researchers found in the 90’s that there is a system called the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is responsible for how we interact with CBD within the body. As functional mushrooms can enhance memory, improve mood & endurance, reduce fatigue and CBD can boost relaxation, improves cognitive function, concentration, memory, creativity, and motivation,  there are a lot of areas covered here. By combining the two, we create a synergistic effect of what we call the M2CBD formula

    If You Are Looking For That Oomph, Look No Further

    The cumulative effect of the two will improve your concentration, focus, stamina, mood, even your immune system. By using the Boost drops will give a spring back in your step. It contains a blend of high-quality functional mushrooms, including Cordyceps, Reishi, and Varnish Shelf, that work to strengthen your immune system, and give you a boost of energy from the inside out. It is fortified with a premium pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil to promote a balanced metabolism, sleep-wake cycle, stamina and more. And finally, there is also added caffeine to give you a gentle but effective kick. 

    3 Powerful Mushrooms

    Cordyceps is known to help with your energy, concentration, stamina and help your oxygen uptake into your lungs hence why it can help with tiredness and fatigue. Reishi on the other hand is a general all-arounder. It modulates your immune system, reduces your inflammation, enhances sleep, reduces stress and it’s a great tonic for the body. If you are exhausted or simply lacking energy, your immune system gets even more compromised. Finally, Varnish shelf is very closely related to the Reishi mushroom. It balances your immune system, it can help tonify the body therefore it increases energy and stamina. It has a shiny upper surface and that’s why it’s called varnished. 

    Do I Need Caffeine?

    Coffee and caffeine are widely consumed around the world and there are people that they just can’t live without. Whilst the jury is still out, in moderation caffeine can make you more alert, productive, and motivated. It can give you antioxidants, a small amount of B vitamins and minerals. It can increase your energy and concentration, and your physical performance. It’s another good reason why we can boost you with our Boost. 😊

    So if you want to feel energised, boosted and combat your tiredness and fatigue, our M2CBD formula contains active ingredients with their specific benefits that you read about above. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Can I Focus?

    There is no right or wrong answer on this but science seems to back the following suggestions: 

    • Concentrate on one thing at the time - no multitasking.
    • Train your brain to focus - some cognitive exercises may help.
    • Reduce all distractions - work offline.
    • Establish a good work-life balance - reduce stress or try our Relax drops.
    • Get 7.5-8 hours of sleep daily and keep going to bed at the same time everyday. Cannabotech’s Beauty Sleep drops may help too. 
    • Don’t procrastinate - don’t delay a difficult task and leave it to the last minute. You might wait for inspiration, motivation or the right time. If it doesn’t arrive, you may run out of time. 
    • Do a power hour - put your head down and concentrate for an hour and then take a 5-10 minute break.
    • Others believe in the pomodoro method. Work for 25 minute, then take a 5 minute break and work again for 25 minutes. After the fourth 25 minute interval, you can take a 15-20 minute break. 

    Why Am I Always Feeling Sluggish Or Lethargic?

    Sadly things like poor eating habits, lack of sleep, too much simple or artificial sugar, frequent stimulant use and changes in your regular sleep-wake cycle can deplete your body and cause that afternoon energy slump between 1 and 3pm. Balancing your diet, reducing sugar and stimulants like caffeine or alcohol and going to bed earlier could all help. The combination of CBD and functional mushrooms like our Boost drops can also be a simple answer when you can’t change so many elements at once. 

    How Can CBD oil Help To Improve My Concentration, Focus, Mood And Energy?

    CBD binds to some receptors in the human Endocannabinoid system (a biological system in the body that helps regulate and balance key bodily functions), acting on those regulating mood, emotional state and may help concentration by easing certain neurochemicals to the brain. Kowal et al., 2013 proposes “cannabidiol (CBD), another abundant compound of cannabis, might have an impact on cognition and emotional processing, which is opposite to the effect of THC.”


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    Bea Lyus

    Bea Lyus is an experienced Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. She is a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), the regulatory body for Nutritional Therapists and is registered by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).