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What is the CBD oil "Sensimilla Venom" like?

Asked 3 years ago

I am looking for a CBD oil that can help me ease a chronic illness. It's not very hard to notice that there are many different types of oils, Sensimilla CBD Venom particularly stood out for me, does anyone know what it is like?

Kasen Wallace

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Sensimilla is a very specific type of cannabis strain that is very potent. As a first time user, I don't think you should start with Sensimilla CBD Venom. Rather go for one of the other recognized brands. Try CBD and see how it affects you, before going for Sensimilla.

You say that you are looking into CBD to help ease the pain of a chronic illness. So, I just want you to be clear that CBD is not a cure. It may ease your symptoms but there are no official medical claims about CBD curing disease.

Let me explain why I suggest starting with a lighter type of CBD. Compare Sensimilla CBD Venom, extra strength which has 10,000mg of CBD in a 50ml bottle (200mg per 1ml) with brands like CBDistiliiery, Medterra Isolate CBD, and Spruce Max Potency Lab Grade CBD Oil that have 80mg-100mg per 1lm.


Simon Kirby

Saturday, September 25, 2021

While Sensimilla CBD Venom is very effective, it also has a high dosage, and it shouldn't be taken without the advice of a doctor, especially if you are just a beginner. CBD can reduce chronic pain and inflammation, but it is not the ultimate solution. To treat chronic illness, go for normal and reputed CBD oil brands, not Sensimilla CBD Venom.


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